Super Liham

In a month when TinySuperheroes is thinking about the power of vision, Super Liham is looking ahead to find that anything is possible.

Super Liham was born at 24 weeks with chronic lung disease, mild hydronephrosis, Microcephaly, Minor ASD, and low muscle tone. He was intubated for 3 months and then had a PDA ligation. Then, after the PDA, he was extubated and put on a CPAP. Yet Super Liham and his super family were never intimidated by this diagnosis or the procedures; his parents could see how extraordinary Super Liham was right away. 

Super Mom Afrina says that through it all, “Super Liham is a fighter. He shows you that nothing is impossible because he proves that he can do everything, just in his own time.”

One of the things that Super Liham has made possible for himself is a potential career as either a professional hugger or, when reading books with his parents, a professional page-turner. Additionally, Super Liham has recently progressed to taking full feeds by mouth. He has also overcome the challenge his therapy sessions posed to him at first!

“Even though the exercises are hard for him,” says Afrina, “he manages to work very hard.”

Plus, this superhero has laser vision! He had laser surgery last year, and according to Super Mom Afrina, both Super Liham’s eyes are doing amazing now! So much so that everything in Super Liham’s world is cast in a positive light. 

“He is a happy baby. Always smiling and giggling. He likes to be silly…”

Add silliness to his ever-growing list of superpowers! But TinySuperheroes is serious about this: there are extraordinary things ahead for Super Liham and all the Tiny heroes like him!

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