Super Liliana

Say hello to Super Liliana! Liliana was born on October 23, 2019. When her mother, Kahla, was 26 weeks pregnant, they learned that Liliana had Hydrocephalus, which is a build-up of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain. Because of this excess of fluid, Liliana had her first brain surgery to place a shunt. Unfortunately, two weeks later, they discovered her shunt was not working properly. The weekend after Thanksgiving, at less than two months old, Liliana had her second brain surgery to fix her shunt. Her parents were then told that there was a possibility she would not live. But super Liliana used her powers of strength and courage and beat the odds! She has faced so many challenges head on and has overcome so much in such a short period of time.

Along with her two brain surgeries, Liliana faced other challenges along the way. She could only eat through a tube and doctors said she wouldn’t be able to see, hear, walk or talk. Leave it to Liliana to succeed once again! Her mom says, “she most definitely hears and sees everything around her,” and notes her love of music and anything with lots of colors! She continues to bring joy to her family with her extremely lovable personality, her beautiful smile, and best of all her sass! Super Liliana is not afraid to let you know when she doesn’t like something. Hey, sass is a super power, too! She has so many super fans who can’t help but notice how beautiful and sweet she is, and of course, has her trusty sidekick Zayn! Zayn is Liliana’s older brother and has been loving, helpful, caring, and super protective of Liliana since day one.

Although Liliana faces many obstacles and surgeries in her future, cuddles from mommy and daddy and her blankies keep her happy. Super Liliana has proven that she can overcome anything at less than 3 months old! Just as her mom said, “Liliana is someone to look up to”. We can’t wait to take on the rest of your journey with you, Liliana!

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