Super Luke!

Super Luke hikes toward a pond!

“At 18 months, Super Luke started vomiting,” says Super Mom Perla. “I knew automatically something was wrong; it wasn’t the typical stomach bug. I took him to 3 different doctors and offices. (Parents, listen to your gut feeling! ) But it wasn’t until we were at the ER that I begged a fourth doctor to please run a test on Super Luke. He was very limp and dehydrated, and he was still vomiting. When his labs came back, we were sent by ambulance to a children’s hospital, where he was admitted. That’s how our journey started….”

But this was only the beginning for Super Luke and his super-powered family. 

“We had scary moments. At first, we were told it could be cancer. Another time, his labs were showing bone failure, and we had a hospital team waiting for us.”

Super Luke’s diagnosis is idiopathic neutropenia, a blood condition. And while his family is still searching for more complete answers about this condition, Super Luke remains fearless. 

“He’s loving, brave, courageous, and fearless,” says Perla. “He loves cheeseburgers, his stuffed Darth Vader, Olaf, superheroes, and his daddy. He also loves his best friend, his big brother Steven.

“It was difficult at first for Steven to understand why we would always go to the hospital for middle of the night visits, or why we would have him stay with friends while Mommy was away with Super Luke. But Steven takes care and protects his little brother, and boy, do they play!!! 

Play, like fearlessness, is another of Super Luke’s super powers. 

Says Perla, “Super Luke is this silly boy with a huge little personality. He lives his little life to the fullest every day. He loves to sing from the top of his lungs.”

Super Luke’s powerful story should be told from the top of our lungs! Huge thanks to Super Super Luke and his family for sharing this story with us. Go, Super Luke! 

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