Super Maddox!

Today we bring you the incredible true story of Super Maddox, as told by Super Parent Christina.

“We found out in utero that Super Maddox had a VSD (Ventricle Septal Defect), and we were supposed to follow up with a cardiologist once he was around 8 months old. Within 8 days of his birth, however, Super Maddox went into heart failure with symptoms of labored breathing, vomiting, lethargy, and cyanosis. After arriving at the hospital, the doctor told us that we made it just in time; Super Maddox might not have made it through the night.

“No matter if you are a new parent or an experienced one, I think you should always trust your parental instincts. If you think something seems wrong, do not hesitate to get it checked out. It could save your child’s life. I couldn’t say more about how intense and scary it is that a helpless 8-day-old baby could be suffering and or in pain and not be able to express that. 

“Since his open-heart surgery, Super Maddox has not been growing at the rate he should be. He had lost weight and has been unable to gain it back. He has also had feeding issues. Still, it’s amazing how resilient humans can be. Though he has good days and bad days, Super Maddox is an alert and happy guy. He has a small stuffed animal, Fred the Fox, who was there by his side during all his nights in the hospital and at home. Being held nice and close by Fred or by his family (including Super Siblings Beckett, Callen, and Koen!) keeps Super Maddox calm and happy. 

“Super Maddox has shown us true strength. It is so extraordinary that at only 8 days old, he was able to fight for his life. He continues to fight every day. Healing, staying healthy, and following all his dreams as he gets older is a journey in itself, and it shows extraordinary strength to do all that. Family, friends, and even strangers have seen that, and they have been his biggest fans and supporters. We are all taking it one day at a time.”

Super thanks to Super Maddox and Super Christina for sharing this story with us.

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