Super Madeline

One TinySuperhero, Super Madeline, is incredible both inside and out. 

Says Super Mom Alexia, “Super Madeline was diagnosed with Bladder Exstrophy before she was born. We went to many different hospitals for various ultrasounds and tests in an attempt to locate her bladder.”

A diagnosis of Bladder Exstrophy means that Super Madeline’s bladder is outside of her body. This means that Super Madeline is the rare exception to the rule that it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

“In January,” Super Mom Alexia goes on, “she will have her first surgery in order to ‘close’ her bladder by placing it back where it should be, barring her pelvic bones together since they are too far apart, and placing pins in her hips. She’ll be mermaid-wrapped for several weeks after. This is the scariest thing she’s been through so far, but Super Madeline has an excellent team of doctors and surgeons on her side, and we couldn’t be more thankful for them. She will more than likely undergo several surgeries in the future, but she is a true warrior, and God is on her side!

“We get tons of questions about her condition, but we do not mind. It’s a great learning opportunity for others! Particularly for Madeline’s sister, Super Sibling Aria. Aria has learned a lot about the bladder since her sister was born, but she loves her role as a sister and helping Mommy and Daddy. She adores Super Madeline.”

And what does Super Madeline adore? Alexia has the answers.

“Super Madeline has an entire organ on the outside of her body, but she manages to be such a happy, snuggly baby all the time regardless. Now going on two months old, she is alert and observant, and she loves to babble. All she requires is a lot of snuggles and some Saran Wrap. She also loves Wubbanub pacifiers; her favorite is her Yeti, which we call Bumble. 

“Super Madeline could have several surgeries before the age of five. It’s hard to know exactly what is to come, as a lot of factors will go into it regarding her bladder and development. Still, through everything, she is full of personality and smiles! She enjoys long conversations and hand holding. She especially loves holding mommy’s hair! She does not like being put down, but luckily for her, Mommy and Daddy love holding her. She has been such a blessing to our family.” 

Not only that, but she is a welcome addition to the squad. Go, Super Madeline!

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