Super Mancub

Once upon a time in July of the year 2016, in a land far far away known as the United Kingdom, (okay maybe not THAT far away,) a superhero renowned for his strength, courage and kindness was born. Formally known as Leon, he is known to his many adoring fans as Super Mancub.

Super Mancub has triumphed through invasive brain surgery at just two-years-old! He has been diagnosed with Chiari malformation, sensory processing disorder and autism.

Super Mancub’s amazing personality has the power to bring a smile to anyone’s face, and his sweet nature allows him to have a way with animals that some can only dream about achieving. He loves to spend his time playing with sheep and goats, but he has a special connection with his Super Sidekick service dog, Fern.

Super Mancub’s adventure started from birth. He struggled with feeds, and he would choke. So at fourteen weeks old, he was given a nasogastric tube. Unfortunately, no progress was made with oral feeding, and he screamed and screamed for hours on end. Doctors had assured Super Mom, Hayley, that it was just reflux. However, they tried many medications, but none were making any improvements. Eventually, Super Mancub saw another doctor, and this doctor ordered a MRI brain scan.

This was when Super Mancub and his family got the news that Chiari Malformation was what was causing the screaming and problems. Chiari Malformation causes the brain tissue to be pushed into the spinal cord, which causes neurological damage and extremely painful headaches.

Neurosurgery was in Super Mancub‘s immediate future to relieve the pressure that the Chiari Malformation was causing. What a scary obstacle to have to overcome! Super Mom Hayley said, “Handing him over to the neurosurgeon was the scariest day of my life.” Surgery occurred on September 11th, 2018.

Then, a truly amazing thing happened. Super Mancub sailed through brain surgery and was up on his feet the next day running around as if nothing had happened! There was no more screaming for hours, no more dribbling or drooling. He transformed into a happy, content little boy who is trying his best to catch up with his speech and even eating tiny amounts.

Super Mancub is now being closely monitored and may need surgery again in the future, but for now he is taking each day as it comes. He still dislikes loud noises and busy places, but his Super Sidekick Fern is a great comfort to him. They are always playing happily and enjoying every second of it!

Fern definitely deserves her name of Super Sidekick because she has her own superpowers to contribute to the duo. Since Super Mancub has had his service dog, he has gone from being mute, to trying to string sentences together! Super Sidekick Fern has made the world of difference to him.To add to Super Mancub’s long list of accomplishments showcasing his bravery and kindness, he has helped sponsor 16 other TinySuperheroes’ capes! Wow!

If you want his autograph or Super Sidekick Fern’s paw print, the pair of them have been known to be spotted digging up dirt together near the southern coast of England.


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