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Super Mary Cate

Our TinySuperheroes Membership is focusing on Kindness this month, and there’s no better TinySuperhero to lead us on this Mission than Super Mary Cate!

Super Mary Cate is 5 years old.  She is the oldest of three sisters and has become not only a leader in her family, but to the thousands of kids she has shared her story with! Super Mary Cate has traveled the country with her mom, presenting at schools, encouraging them to embrace differences and choose kindness!

Super Mary Cate’s kindness journey began at birth. She was born with a rare genetic disorder called Apert Syndrome. This condition is characterized by craniosynostosis and causes abnormal development of the skull and can affect the development of fingers and toes.

While Apert Syndrome affects Super Mary Cate everyday, it certainly does not define her. Some of the words that immediately come to mind when I think of Super Mary Kate are BRAVE & BOLD. Bravery is probably an understatement. She has overcome many surgeries, countless procedures and endless doctor’s appointments.

When Super Mary Cate was born, her hands and fingers were all “stuck” together. With help from her incredible doctors, they were able to surgically create fingers for her that enabled her to independently do everyday tasks that many of us take for granted.

The older she gets, the more she understands and anticipates these appointments. Just recently she was worried before an MRI and sleep study. She talked through her fears and showed up at the hospital facing both with a smile! She will likely face another skull reconstruction surgery in the near future…we are confident that if anyone can tackle that, it is her.

In many ways, Apert Syndrome affects every part of Super Mary Cate’s life. Because of it, she has unique facial features and 4 fingers on her hands. She and her family learned early on that while there are unkind people who ask invasive questions, point or stare, there are also people who choose kindness. Super Mary Cate’s family saw their experience as an opportunity to spread a message of kindness and they set out on a mission they call Choose Kind.

Super Mary Cate and her mom have taken their message of kindness around schools throughout the country. They create conversation and opportunities for kids (and adults) to recognize that we need to CELEBRATE our differences…and in ALL situations, we can always choose kindness.  They have spoken at 125 schools so far!!!

We are so lucky to have TinySuperheroes like Super Mary Cate in this world. She carries with her a message that we all need to hear.  I encourage you to learn more and share her message of kindness!  Say hello, follow and share her Facebook page at Facebook.com/My-Mary-Cate

Super Mary Cate has been on the TinySuperheroes Squad since 2013!


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