Super Mina

Super Mina with sunglasses on!

BOOM! FLASH! POW! Super Mina has fought and defeated every obstacle to show us the meaning of bravery, positivity, and the power of will.

“Super Mina has had a total of 20 surgeries,” says Super Mom Sina, “and 18 of those surgeries occurred in the first two years of her life. Super Mina couldn’t breathe or swallow when she was born. After genetic tests showed that she has Crouzon syndrome, she spent the first 7 months of her life in the hospital on a CPAP and G-Tube. Then, before she was 2, she had several lung infections, and her global lung insufficiency meant she needed to be put in a coma. The doctors were not too optimistic, but she fought back! After 2 weeks, she could leave the hospital again.”

“Since then, Super Mina has undergone several cranio expansions, three decompressions for Chiari malformation, and several ENT surgeries. Yet she learned to breathe. She learned how to eat by mouth. She is walking and jumping like any other child her age, which we were told was not going to happen. She has a Trach now and a VP shunt, but she has accepted every device thrown at her like a pro.”

Super Mina is certainly a professional when it comes to her devices! At 4 years old, she can change her own Trach. At the same time, she also retains an incredible sense of fun and friendliness that makes her a magnetic presence in people’s lives.

“Her personality is extraordinary,” says Sina. “She’s very extroverted and charming. She brightens up every room. She makes people laugh, and she would hug and kiss the whole world if she could. She never cries or complains. She is always happy and upbeat! She loves Disney movies, shopping, acting, singing, dancing…She is very intelligent. She reads and writes already, and she has a personality everybody wants to be around. She is such a joy of a child, and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. She’s going to do something amazing. I am sure of it.”

Everyone who meets Super Mina can see all the amazing things she has done and all the amazing things she has yet to do. Super Mina will need several more surgeries for her mid-jaw, face, and perhaps even her head, but there is no doubt that this hero can do more than overcome; she can make everyone overjoyed.

Follow Super Mina’s journey here:

Mina’s Journey with Crouzon Syndrome

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