Super Nacho!


“We found out that Super Nacho had cystic fibrosis through the newborn screening,” says Super Mom Paola. “As a mom, hearing that your child has a diagnosis that (1) has no cure and (2) can shorten your child’s life is scary, sad, and so disheartening. Super Nacho has seen more of the hospital and doctors than I have ever seen in my entire life.

But while he has to endure a lot, he is ALWAYS happy and smiling. He loves all things that involve balls and How to Train Your Dragon! He is funny and loves to entertain people either by dancing, being silly, or just by giving a sweet smile. He is loved around the globe, and his tribe loves him more than he will ever know. Super Nacho is the boy I prayed for. He is sweet and salty, he loves fiercely, and he plays even harder! His journey to him is NORMAL.

Super Nacho has to do treatments daily. They are twice a day when he is not sick but can be 4 or more times a day if he gets sick or it’s allergies season. He has mastered a superpower of ‘breathing treatments’ that allow him to breathe better and change the world one smile at a time. 

Treatments and doctors visits are part of him. Treatments can also be hard, though, and some days are harder. Super Nacho is ALWAYS busy, so to sit down for 45 minutes twice a day is difficult. However, I think on the good days, he takes this time to make plans for how he will change the world and find a cure for cystic fibrosis!”

Keep it up, Super Nacho! You change the world every day with your superpowers and smile. We know you can do it again!

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