Super Nevaya

Super  Aunt Jessica reached out to share a story about the TinySuperhero who inspires her: Super Nevaya!

“Super Nevaya’s mom noticed at 9 months that something was different. Super Nevaya wouldn’t make eye contact, and she was very fixated on fans and spinning items. She didn’t do well with changes in routine or loud noises. At 18 months she was in early intervention, and at age 2, she was officially diagnosed with autism, ADHD, SPD, developmental delays, and Vitiligo.”

But it wasn’t until August 2018 that Super Nevaya’s life changed forever.

“In August 2018, Super Nevaya and her super sidekick sister lost their mom. That was the scariest moment she’s been through. Everything in her life changed that year. But Super Nevaya still has a stuff animal called Shluby that she’s had since she was a baby. It was a gift from her mom… She always has him when she needs to calm down.

Through everything, Super Nevaya has proven to be Extraordinary. She has overcome so much in the last 2 years after losing her mom. She’s taught me things as well. She’s taught me that love needs no words and that it’s okay to be different. She was so shy in the beginning. People would stare because they didn’t understand her. But now, she has flourished, and she is such a social butterfly. 

Super Nevaya is silly and witty. She loves to spin, swim, jump on her trampoline, and play with water, slime, or kinetic sand. Super Nevaya is also excellent with numbers and dates. She knows the calendar by heart until the year 2036. How amazing is that!”

Well, TinySuperheroes also knows what will be happening years from now. Super Nevaya will be continuing to impress and inspire us. Hooray, Super Nevaya! 

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