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Super Nicodemus

Super Nicodemus HallThere’s a special place above the clouds where a group of our most elite TinySuperheroes are soaring above, flying without pain and smiling down at their families as they watch over them. This is the TinySuperheroes Angel Squad and we want to honor one of them, Super Nicodemus, by sharing his Extraordinary story with you.

When Super Nicodemus was born in 2012, he was perfect. He was on the tiny side and had trouble nursing, but was perfect. His mom and dad were glowing about their new little addition, and he quickly won over the hearts of all who met him.unnamed

When Super Nic was 4 months old, he started having more feeding troubles. His superhero mom did everything recommended, including diet changes, formula changes, etc. He ended up with elemental formula and a feeding tube, and began to really rally! He thrived for the next year and was hitting milestones like reaching, talking and taking his first steps. His parents were thrilled, relieved and excited about what was in store for his future.

20140305_093558Super Nic was truly the light of their lives. His eyes spoke more than his toddler voice could and he brought joy with him everywhere he went! Super Nic loved to be held, his favorite place to be was outside and he was stubborn – he never gave up until he got exactly what he wanted!

In August of 2015, Super Nic came down with a cold. He became very sick and was admitted to the hospital, where his health began to take a long, slow spiral downward. It resulted in two heart attacks and a metabolic stroke. They ran a full gene test and discovered an issue they were unaware of previously, a problem with the gene that makes brain cells. There is no treatment for this condition, and it is always fatal.

Super Nic earned his Angel wings on November 22, 2015, while snuggled into his parents’ arms. His family is devastated by their loss and still can’t imagine life without their sweet boy on earth, but recently, they were reminded that Super Nicodemus is and will always be their superhero. Super Nic was an organ donor, and when he joined our Angel Squad, he gave 6 other children a new chance here on earth. He provided organs for heart valve/aorta transplants, gave two people sight through eye donation, and several other children can now walk because of his bone and joint donations. His name was recently placed among other donors for the memorial wall at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, and his courage will never be forgotten.
IMG_20150621_064530 Super Nicodemus loved his TinySuperheroes cape, we are happy to say! He primarily wore it front-facing in his wheelchair and thought it tasted mighty fine to chew on! While the grief of losing our TinySuperheroes on earth isn’t something harder than we could attempt to understand, we feel privileged to share Super Nicodemus’ story with you, to have him on our TinySuperheroes Squad and to celebrate the gifts that he has given through organ donation.


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  1. Amie
    Amie says:

    He was a brave little boy. I’m sure he is looking down from heaven and smiling for the ones he helped. God bless his family. Be strong.


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