Super Noah

ATTENTION, CITIZENS! Do you need help from a hero with the superpowers of silliness and strength? Never fear, TSH community, because we NOAH guy. Super Noah’s diagnoses include silent aspiration and a speech language disorder, but neither of these has ever stopped him from telling his extraordinary story in his own way.  Super Mom Katie tells us more: 

“Noah first needed surgery when doctors did a scope and biopsy. We’d taken him home, and he was having trouble with his breathing. I had to pick him up to get him to take breaths. He had a cleft repair first, but that didn’t work. Second, he had a stitch, two sets of tubes, scopes, and biopsies of his lungs, airway, and stomach.

“Still, with everything he has been through, Super Noah has been so brave. He always remains happy after his surgeries. Most people notice nothing out of the ordinary other than that he is a silly little guy! He has a sweet personality, and he does his best. Even being as little as he is, he still tries to be awesome.”

Try your best, and you will succeed! Even on tough days, Super Noah finds something to smile about. Not only that, but he brings smiles to those around him as well.

Says Katie, “Super Noah is a fun, loving brother, son, and friend. Even with challenging days, he still is his happy self. Sometimes, though, he struggles with hurting himself, and his family helps him through it. His blanket and either Mommy or Daddy bring him comfort.”

Plus, this TSH has some incredible sidekicks for siblings! 

“Super David is his older brother. He has been great when Noah is having a hard time by reassuring him that things will be okay. Meanwhile, his younger sister Super Evelynn always wants to play with Super Noah.”

Super Noah’s powers of play help him overcome any challenge. This hero still has some tests, therapies, and appointments ahead, but there’s no doubt that he can handle everything that comes his way. Especially with a little help from his friends! Super thanks to Super Noah’s family for submitting this hero’s story for us to share.

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