Super Nolan!

Super Nolan shows off super cape

CALLING ALL SUPERHERO FANS: We have a rare edition of the origin story of Super Nolan, as told by Super Mom Amanda:

“While I was pregnant with Super Nolan, I had cholestasis of the liver. I was high-risk, and we were constantly monitored. Close to Super Nolan’s scheduled Cesarean date, his heart rate dropped rapidly; there was no movement on the fetal ultrasound scans. Suddenly, I experienced extreme pain in my stomach, hips, and back. During the Cesarean, the doctor realized Super Nolan was in the birth canal trying to make his way out but had gotten stuck. He used forceps to pull Super Nolan out. 

Super Nolan suffered a stroke and 3 seizures. The head NICU nurse came to tell Dad and I that Super Nolan would not make it. Our hero was put on Phenobarbital, and his brain was cooled to prevent any further death of the brain. We had to wait and see.

The Phenobarbital made him a limp, seemingly lifeless baby. Even when we finally got Super Nolan home from the NICU, it was a scary first year. We were constantly paranoid that he wasn’t breathing. We took so many trips to doctors and neurologists. 

Over time, however, Super Nolan went from lifeless to full of life before my eyes! Cognitively, he is definitely behind a bit, but I just embrace it as the extra time he gets to be little to make up for the NICU stay. To us, he is a normal boy. His traumatic brain injury means he cannot play rough, but he plays his own way! He loves trucks, tools, stickers, superheroes, being tickled, Minions, and The Cat in the Hat. He is so funny and caring. He brings his whale blanket everywhere with him, and when he is crying, he just needs a good hug from Mommy or Daddy. 

Speech has been a major challenge for Super Nolan, but I think he is doing great! His six-year-old brother can interpret what Super Nolan is trying to say when he is hard to understand. Super Nolan also has a sister that is one year and five days older than him. They are very close.  Of course he also has his buddy Dexter, the French Bulldog, who is also three years old!

Right now, I am hoping that Super Nolan will be able to go to Pre-K next year. But if not, I just get to spend more time with him at home!”

Keep up the amazing work, Super Nolan! Huge thanks to Super Nolan and his family for sharing this story.

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