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Super Owen

Meet Super Owen! We are so thrilled to have Super Owen on our TinySuperheroes squad! Super Owen brings with him Hydrocephalus, mixed Cerebral Palsy, SVT, SPD, and GERD as his super powers. He is a warrior fighter and an amazing addition to our squad!

When Super Owen and his twin sister Shelby were born in October of 2014, Owen was having a hard time breathing. The delivery team quickly assessed Owen and sent him to a children’s hospital nearby. They ran several tests and when Super Owen was just 2 days old his parents learned that his rapid heart rate was because he had his first superpower SVT, or Supraventricular Tachycardia, a type of heart arrhythmia. However, Super Owen was not done gaining super powers; when he was 13 days old the doctors told his parents that he had an IVH grade 4 brain bleed and post hydrocephalus — so he had several taps done to keep the fluid down on his brain. He wasn’t big enough yet for surgery to have a shunt placed, but Super Owen continued to fight and prove that he was indeed a superhero that at one month old he was big and strong enough to have the shunt placed. He ended up spending 40 days in the NICU; however, the day he got to come home was one of the happiest days of his awaiting family’s life!

When Super Owen was 15 months old he claimed another super power, Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. This has caused some developmental delays for Super Owen; however, he is defying odds and doctors each and every day! They said he’d never crawl but low-and-behold, he can!

However, when Super Owen was 18 months old he had a shunt malfunction. He spent 23 days in the PICU because he suffered another brain bleed while the doctors were removing his bad shunt. Super Owen had a few other struggles as well coupled with this; he quit eating by mouth so he came home from his PICU stay with an NG tube, and then shortly before his second birthday he had a G-tube placed for feedings.

As Super Owen gets close to celebrating his third birthday, everything is going well for him! His parents wish that people wouldn’t stare; that if you have a question about Super Owen, you just ask! He truly is a miracle; he fights so hard and still keep a smile on his face despite whatever he’s faced with. He loves frogs, superman, batman, car, Mickey Mouse, balls, and music. His twin sister Shelby is always by his side! His older brother Hunter loves him so much, and his two older sisters Cheyenne and Faith are like little mamas to him; so loving and caring they are with their Super Owen! It can be really hard and challenging on Super Owen’s parents and siblings but they know he needs lots of help and love, and they all do wonderfully with giving this to him.

What’s next for Super Owen? A lifetime of possibilities, that’s what! Super Owen is very good at defying the odds that doctors put against him and proving them wrong whenever he gets the chance! You can follow along with Super Owen on his Facebook page…we are so thrilled to have Super Owen on our squad! Keep soarin’ high Super Owen, we love having you here!

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  1. Veria Hensley
    Veria Hensley says:

    Became friend with Owen’s mother on Facebook 2016. Told her about myself and wanted to know if I could do a few things for Owen. I fell in love with this family. We have really gotten close. They are my family. I finally got to meet Owen. He was a very sweet little boy. I saw his actions. He kissed me when I had to leave. Wish we lived near each other. His Mom would have to tell me she needed space because Owen and his family are very SPECIAL to me.


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