Super Penny

Attention, everyone! Super Penny is here to show us the power of positive attitude.

When Super Penny was an infant, the neurological unit at Dell Children’s hospital informed her family that they were diagnosing Super Penny with traumatic brain damage. As a result of this damage, doctors worried that Penny would struggle with neurological pain, irritability, spasticity, neurological decline, and respiratory distress during her life.

Says Super Dad David, “Since birth, Penny’s condition has been very unpredictable…There were several moments when we were not sure if she would survive.”

According to Penny’s family, one of the scariest moments in her journey was during her g-tube surgery. Although the surgery itself was successful, there were complications during intubation. Super Penny went through brady after brady. Yet she overcame the odds, as she has done again and again. And for every scary moment in Penny’s journey, there have been countless moments of joy and triumph.

“Penny has succeeded in so many ways throughout her life,” says David. “We were never told if she would be here with us for long, but she has had the largest impact a TinySuperhero could ever have. Penny’s smiles will stay with us forever. She is so kind and so powerful. She loves and gives her best efforts at everything she does regardless of her condition.”

When it comes to being a source of joy to others, Penny has the power! But what makes this hero happy? That’s easy. She loves her toy fish, her garden, her family, and most of all, she loves her life.

Says Super Dad David, “Penny loves and defies the odds and always keeps her enthusiasm for life. Penny will give you a smile when she is in pain. She is strong. She is beautiful. She is Super Penny.”

She certainly is! Go, Super Penny! You are an inspiration to us all.

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