Super Puddles

Hi!  I’m Super Puddles!  Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

By now you may or may not be familiar with my silly mom!  She didn’t know when she adopted me that I was a superhero, but we’ve grown on each other and are learning how to use our combined super powers for good!

So, anyways, she started sewing superhero capes. At first it was for a birthday present…then for a hobby…then for money…but when it all was said and done, what she really wanted was a way to give something good back to the world.  So, I came up with the idea of TinySuperheroes!

On this blog, we will feature TinySuperheroes who have prevailed over difficult obstacles.  By donating & surprising them with their very own TinySuperheroes cape, we hope they will feel empowered, inspired, and encouraged to continue to make their impression on the world!

I wish we could empower ALL TinySuperheroes on our own, but as of now, my mom and I still sew all of the capes ourselves, so we’ll need your help.

How can you help?  Well, we sell TinySuperhero capes in our Online store, so we encourage you to continue to empower the TinySuperheroes in your life too with their own personalized TinySuperhero cape!

If your life has been touched by a TinySuperhero who has faced and overcome an especially difficult challenge, we’d love to meet them!  Email us about what makes this TinySuperhero special, and we’ll do our best to empower them!

Next week we will introduce our first featured TinySuperhero to you, and we just can’t wait!

With your help we can empower hundreds of TinySuperheroes in 2013!  Think of what a difference this positive energy could make in our world!

– Super Puddles

To nominate a TinySuperhero, email me at [email protected]

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