Super Quinn

This is Super Quinn.  She has many superpowers.  She is brave and strong, and has the amazing ability to brighten your day – even while fighting many of her own obstacles.

Super Quinn has a rare form of Epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome that can cause her to have 47-57 seizures a day. Along with that, she also is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Fragile X Syndrome, Juvenile Arthritis, and Immune Deficiency.  Super Quinn has preserved over a broken leg, and a broken clavicle. She has fought back from status epilepticus.  (A dangerous condition in which epileptic seizures follow one another without recovery of consciousness between them.) She has even re-learned how to walk and talk! That takes the kind of true grit and strength that only superheroes possess.

Recently, Super Quinn was out working on completing the TinySuperheroes Mission for the month of March.  (This Mission helped the TinySuperheroes Squad unlock the superpower of Hope by challenging them to hide secret encouraging notes for others to find). Super Quinn hid notes everywhere, she even hid some of her hope notes around the hospital while she was there for her appointments.  No doubt these notes helped lift the spirits of those families who found them. Way to go Super Quinn!

Super Quinn saved one special message of hope to hand-deliver to someone she admires very much. One fun fact about Super Quinn is that she LOVES law enforcement officers! During her March Mission adventure, she decided to visit her favorite k9 handler, Officer Siglin.  To prepare for her visit, Super Quinn even drew him a picture. And, guess what she hid on the back of her drawing? She taped her penny and hope note on the back of it to surprise him later on!  Super Quinn spreads joy whenever she goes!

Later that same week, Super Quinn had to be rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance! Once Super Quinn arrived, Nurse Jane, a pediatric nurse at Summerlin Hospital who has taken care of Super Quinn in the ICU multiple times before, immediately swooped in to help our TinySuperhero!  Nurse Jane loves Super Quinn and her mom, and she always tries to take care of them when they come in.

Nurse Jane recounted what happened this most recent visit, “As I was with her, I turned around and Super Quinn was waking up. She immediately gave me a big hug and smile. She also started talking more. In the past she hasn’t talked too much, but this time her speech progressed!”

Super Quinn also left Nurse Jane a message of hope on her way out.

“Super Quinn makes me be a better person. I try to work harder to go above and beyond because I care about her. She brings out the best in the staff and helps us remember why we do what we do. She’s making a real change in the world,” said Nurse Jane.

There is no doubt of the positive impact Super Quinn is making on the world. TinySuperheroes is proud to call her a Squad member. The next step for Super Quinn is to be sworn in as an honorary deputy for Williamson County Sheriff Department next month!

Follow her journey on Instagram: @honorary_wilco_DeputyQuinn #BeBraveLikeQuinn.


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