Super Rebecca


Beautiful Super Rebecca was born on June 13, 2015 and by the time she was three and half, Super Rebecca had already persevered over a Kasai procedure, a liver transplant, and a heart procedure.  All procedures due to her diagnoses of biliary atresia (a very rare liver disease) and a congenital heart defect.

Since the day she arrived she has shown remarkable courage in the many battles she has fought to overcome obstacle placed in front of her.  And even in the face of adversity, she battles on with an ever present smile and brings joy to everyone she meets. This is a true accomplishment worthy of the superhero title.

If you are ever lucky enough to come into contact with Super Rebecca, you will quickly realize one thing that sets her apart from the ordinary in this world. She is a fighter. She never gives up. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, ever stops her from doing what she needs to achieve.

“Never knowing if she was going to make it out, feelings that I could do nothing, helpless as a mom. This journey so far has been a rollercoaster for sure, all of the machines, noises, medications… The content changes, but through it all, she fought and never once showed any signs that she was giving up.” -Super Mom Rebecca

Super Rebecca has two Super Sidekicks: her ten-year-old brother, Malachi, and her eight-year-old sister, Aaliyah. She also has a fellow TinySuperhero brother, Robert.  Passing away before he was born of heart defect, Robert is on our TinySuperheroes Angel Squad. This Super family has been through so much, but their love never falters.

“When hospital stays come around, Malachi and Aaliyah worry their sister is going to die, or be gone for a long time. I just tell them to keep the faith and continue to love her always. Never give up, because she never will.” -Super Mom Rebecca

The world is quickly discovering how Extraordinary Super Rebecca is. She has already been in six Boston news stories and was featured on the Boston news station!  As she grows older, one can only imagine what amazing achievements Super Rebecca will accomplish. Her great strength and determination are powers mere mortals can only marvel at.

When Super Rebecca isn’t busy showcasing her bravery or radiating positivity, she spends her time playing dress up, doing art, dancing, playing outside, being “the boss baby,” and eating mac and cheese, french fries, and popsicles.

TinySuperheroes is honored to have such a beautiful strong fighter among our Squad! Keep up the amazing work, Super Rebecca!

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