Super Rohen!

Super Rohen in his cape

The story of Super Rohen’s persistence and positivity, as told by Super Mom Hilary:

“At two months old, Super Rohen was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with meningitis. As time went on, we learned that he was aspirating and he was having seizures. Super Rohen has oropharyngeal dysphagia and epilepsy, as well as gross motor delay. He’s had several surgeries: an endoscopy, an orchiopexy with a hydrocelectomy and penile revision,  hernia removal, and a G-tube placement. Through it all, though, Super Rohen dealt with the anesthesia very well and had no complications. He is a true superhero to me. He is also a true blessing and a miracle: I had a tubal removal December 2018 and found out I was pregnant in April 2019. 

Super Rohen’s meningitis mellowed out, but it took a long two months. He was gagging, choking, vomiting, and turning bottles away almost daily. Later, Super Rohen could not sit up, and he had troubles with his left arm, which was stiff from the meningitis.  Walking was a challenge because it is difficult for him to balance, and eating was a chore. 

But nothing sets this hero back for long! At 12 months, he finally started sitting up without support. He has also discovered a love for Cheetos puffs and baby food pouches! We are trying to get him back to enjoying foods more.

Fortunately, Super Rohen has a very wonderful social media support system, a plentiful and prayerful church family, and a very helpful grandma who had been there for him while I had to work. Super Rohen also has four super older siblings! His 11-year-old sister loves to help with holding him and snuggling. His 8-year-old brother plays with him and helps feed him or get things prepared. His 3-year-old sister and 4-year-old brother love making faces at him and tickling him.

Super Rohen has been through so much, and he still manages to smile through all of the pain and tears of an entire year of life so far. In fact, he will smile and talk to anyone he can! He lights up a room with his cute face and adorable laugh. He is such a brave and strong little boy, and I thank God for him every day.”

Incredible, Super Rohen! This hero has what it takes to accomplish anything.

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