Super Rossy

The TinySuperheroes squad would like to welcome Super Rossy to our team!

Super Rossy is an amazing little guy who just turned one back in April. He is doing amazing things with his superpowers, which include Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, low muscle tone, internally rotated shoulders, and his heart is on the right side of his body. One of Super Rossy’s amazing superpowers is that he can bend in ways no one else can!

When Super Rossy’s mom was 29 weeks pregnant, she had an ultrasound to check on his growth. It was discovered that Super Rossy had Scoliosis and he was bent at greater than 90 degrees. This was the hardest day of his mom’s life; she didn’t know what the prognosis was going to be with her TinySuperhero and that frightened her. When Super Rossy was born he actually had Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, which is where some of his joints were in a permanently bent or fixed position. He also had low muscle tone, internally rotated shoulders, a small hole in his heart, and his heart was located on the right side (instead of the usual left side) of his body. It was clear to Super Rossy’s parents that he had a lot of superpowers and would have to use them each and every day to fight and show what a strong little guy he is.


Super Rossy has a packed schedule with his superpowers – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, wears a Theratog Wunzi (helps the trunk of his body develop properly and provides stabilizing support for the growth of his core), lots of testing and appointments, and eventually he’ll have casting/bracing and surgery. However, despite his intense schedule, Supper Rossy is growing and getting stronger — he’s learning to stand with a stander and drive an adaptive car with his feet!  He recently figured out how to crawl without using his arms.

Kolby and Mylo are Super Rossy’s older brothers and they have been so good with him — they sacrifice a lot so Super Rossy can go to appointments and therapies, but they are the best big brothers out there and they love to help Rossy with his exercises, stretches, and love to make him smile.

Super Rossy likes to compete in pageants and always seems to come away with some title! He has an infectious smile and such a happy personality. Sometimes others stare at Super Rossy — Super Rossy’s mom wishes people would instead ask questions and become more informed on Super Rossy’s superpowers instead of just staring at him. He’s such an amazing little guy that when people take the time to talk and listen about Super Rossy they’ll see that too!

Super Rossy is an amazing kiddo and we are so excited to have him on our squad! Our TinySuperheroes team is bigger and stronger with him as part of it and we are so thrilled Super Rossy is soarin’ high with the TinySuperheroes squad!  You can follow along with Super Rossy in his Facebook group here.

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