Super Royce

Super Royce smiles

Super Royce smiles

BREAKING NEWS: A new hero has arrived on the scene to save the day and make us smile during these hard times! First responder Super Royce has so much to show us about overcoming hardship and bringing joy to others.

Super Royce first showed us the meaning of resilience when he was diagnosed with recurring intussusception, a compromised immune system, low blood sugar, and delayed gastroparesis. Since being rushed in and out of different hospitals from the time he was as young as three months old, Super Royce has battled infection after infection, as well as doctors’ expectations. When he was seven months old, he showed everyone that he could walk even though he was not expected to be able to do so. And while he may have a heart chamber that never closed, the people around him have no doubt that his heart is one of his greatest superpowers.

“He loves to be active and give kisses,” says Super Mom Ceiana. “He loves to cuddle with mommy. He loves puppy dog pals. He loves seeing the lights on the first responders. He even loved the EMT lady he had; he refused to stop hugging her and lauded his head down on her… Despite being in and out of the hospital he never stops smiling even while in pain. The nurses remember him by his beautiful smile and blue eyes.”

Super Royce shows more than love. He also shows bravery in the face of challenges yet to come.

Super Mom Ceiana said, “Royce has always been brave no matter what. While in the hospital, stuck to machines and not able to go far, he’ll always find ways to entertain himself and the nurses. No matter how many setbacks he has, he won’t give up or stop smiling. He’s very advanced and smart. He will never stop fighting because he is strong.”

Even though it is a challenge for Super Royce’s body to do some things by itself, Super Royce’s profound impact on everyone around him means that he will never be truly alone. Keep it up, Super Royce!

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