Super Santiago!

One Tiny Superhero is flying over every obstacle that comes his way: future helicopter pilot Super Santiago! 

“Born as a premie, Super Santiago has already overcome so much,” says Super Mom Irma. “At 17 months, he had his first surgery for malrotation of intestines. At 5 years old, he had a neck mass biopsy that had complications. At 7 years old, he is a brain tumor and stroke survivor. He complained of a headache and we noticed the right side weakness of the body. He was rushed to the hospital and was in the PICU in a coma for a month. Through all of this, he always had a smile on his face. The courage that this little boy has is so admirable.”

Super Santiago definitely possesses the power of courage, but he has other powers as well, especially the power of fun! Super Santiago, in addition to his interest in chicken nugget taste-testing and puzzle-solving, also loves building things.

“He is a Lego Master since I can remember,” says Super Mom Irma. “Due to his right side weakness, his right arm is paralyzed and has had some trouble doing what he loved the most, building LEGOs.”

But Super Santiago is stacking up his skills, smiles, and confidence just like he would build a LEGO house, and it is clear to us and to Super Mom Irma that he has already made something amazing!

“Learning how to breathe again, something that comes natural when we are born, to walk, talk, and eat again…Santiago is the most nurturing, kind-hearted, and strong little boy.”

As he goes through therapy, the latest challenge ahead for Super Santiago is to walk without the assistance of a wheelchair. After that, he hopes to start flying in order to accomplish his dream of being a coast guard rescue helicopter pilot. Go Super Santiago!

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