Super Silas

The Legend of Super Silas

Super Silas is a true hero, just like his favorite character, Link from the Legend of Zelda.
Even though he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease due to posterior urethral valves before he was even born, he has been defeating enemies and overcoming every new challenge placed in front of him.

His story began on September 22, 2012, and he has fought a long list of grueling battles: surgeries such as bilateral ureterostomies and reversal, peritoneal dialysis catheter placement and removal, central line (x2), repair bladder outlet, stent placement in ureters(x5), left kidney and ureter removal, and tonsils and adenoids.

Super Silas is renowned for his karate skills. He is the rightful bearer of TinySuperheroes Courage, and he has the power to make anyone smile, cheering up everyone in his life. While he is a strong fighter, he is also the most loving kid you will ever meet. He loves to tell people how amazing they are and build others up around him. He’s very wise and selfless for a five-year-old kid.

One of Super Silas’s most difficult battles was near the beginning of his journey. When he was born, he was in bad shape. His lungs were under developed and had collapsed, his bladder and kidneys were non-functioning. He was very ill, and it didn’t look good for him. However, after a few surgeries and dialysis to jump start his kidneys, Super Silas triumphed!

Through all of this, Super Silas and his family managed to accomplish what seemed like the impossible and continue with strength, courage and hope.

As his journey continues, we are sure Super Silas will use his magic and superpowers to defeat the evil forces. One of the most intimidating battles will be needing a kidney transplant, but thankfully, that will not be for a couple of years.

As for now, Super Silas is busy being an INCREDIBLE young man. You can find him guest-starring in the new issue of the comic book series, Superior Sam, by Chris Barcomb. It will be released in 2019.

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