Super Stevi-Lynne

For eight years, Super Stevi-Lynne has proven that no matter how much life throws at her, she possesses the strength to overcome anything. 

In 2011, two weeks after she was born with a cleft palate and a heart defect, Super Stevi-Lynne suffered a brain injury. Since then, she has undergone many surgeries, including open heart surgery and a double hip surgery that left the then three-year-old Super Stevi in a body cast for two months. No matter what, however, Super Stevi has remained unstoppable and smiley.

“She has the cutest dimples ever,” says Super Mom Heather. “She is the reason I have been so strong the last 8 years. She lights up a room wherever she goes.”

Most recently, in 2020, Super Stevi experienced her first seizure. But there is nothing that can keep this hero down—except maybe her favorite weighted blanket!

“She has overcome so many things in her life and it shows just how strong she is,” Heather says.

Super Stevi even has her next accomplishment in mind already!

“She has limited movement,” says Heather, “but she really wants to be able to play with her little brother.”

But it is clear that Super Stevi-Lynne possesses the superpower of movement. Her inspiring story and incredible smile have moved the hearts of everyone fortunate enough to encounter her. It is also obvious that this hero is capable of moving mountains! Let’s go, Super Stevi! 

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