Super Taylen

One TinySuperhero, Super Taylen, brought her Super Family together to take on the world. Super Mom Jayanna brings us today’s story of fearless love:

“When Super Taylen was born, she had jaundice. The nurses said it was normal. Even later on, when they noticed that her stools were pale, they discharged us anyway.”

Although Super Taylen was first discharged on Halloween, her family had no idea that the scariest part of her journey was yet to come.

“Three weeks after being discharged, we got a phone call from Stanton hospital. We learned we’d have to leave for Edmonton on November 20 so that Super Taylen could receive Kasai surgery. We were so scared and worried for our daughter.”

Kasai surgery is intended for infants with biliary atresia. It is meant to help drain bile when the liver is unable to do so by itself. To prepare for this surgery, Super Taylen had to fast for three days. During this time, however, her family and community nourished her with love and incredible support.

Says Jayanna, “My mum was on a radio so that the whole NWT (Northwest Territories) could hear what Super Taylen was going through. Those people fed the fire for Super Taylen by praying for her. Also, my grandma from Deline told me she had a dream in which Super Taylen had a lot of elders around her, watching over her. In the dream, Super Taylen was okay.”

Sure enough, after several days of recovery, 2 IV lines, some stomach drainage procedures, a nose tube, and a prescription for six medications, Super Taylen was released from the hospital. 

“When we got back home, everybody was happy to see her doing better. And she is! Super Taylen is a fighter. She’s very strong and feisty. She does not want help when it comes to feeding herself or brushing her teeth. She’s very independent.”

Jayanna continues, “At the same time, Super Taylen is my special baby, always my baby. My love for her is unconditional and unexplainable. I wouldn’t know where to start to explain because she is all the things I know. Even when she gets scared, she just needs us to kiss her and tell her that there’s nothing to be scared of. She’s still only one year old, so she doesn’t understand, but she knows she’s safe with us.”

What a beautiful story of love and family! According to Jayanna, Super Taylen will need to continue on her medication, and she may possibly need a liver transplant in the future. One thing is certain, however: this TinySuperhero can handle anything. She literally makes dreams come true! 

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