Super Timothy!

In the NICU, two days after his birth, Super Timothy was already proving himself an inspiration to those around him. After a bronchoscopy, an endoscopy, and a laryngoscopy, Super Timothy was diagnosed with laryngomalacia, congenital torticollis, dysphagia, ASD, and heart issues. However, despite the challenges he faces, Super Timothy continues to spread only joy and positivity to those around him.

“He is the happiest boy,” says Super Mom Elyssia. “I can always get a smile on his face. His smile will light up a whole room. He loves Disney on Pandora, and he has a lovey named Mr. Bear.”

A music fan and friend to all stuffed animals, it is hard for anyone not to love Super Timothy. This definitely applies to his big sisters. Super Timothy loves them, too.

Super Mom Elyssia adds, “They have been amazing, and they love learning about his different diagnoses to help him. It was hard at first, and they didn’t understand, but that’s why we learn.

We can all learn a thing or two from Super Timothy about the bravery and strength required to make each and every day a bright one.  

“He is so much braver than I ever could be,” says Elyssia, who shows bravery of her own by sharing this story with us.  “He is a fighter. He inspires me every day.” 

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