Super TJ

The story of Super TJ from Super Mom Andrea’s perspective:

“Super TJ started to show signs of being a little different from other people when he was a baby. He had this genuine laugh, but he didn’t like looking at people’s eyes. Super TJ himself has the most beautiful green eyes. People always want to stop and talk to him and look at those big bright peepers! But Super TJ did not seek attention out the way many babies do with smiles and giggles.

Then, at 2 years old, he was diagnosed with autism and a developmental delay. We were told he may or may not ever be fully verbal, and that his place on the spectrum may change with age.  

This is when Super TJ really became the hero he is. After years of speech, occupational, and physical therapy, Super TJ now speaks in sentences when he really wants something, says words all the time, and is getting ready to return to school!

And when he isn’t hard at work, Super TJ is sensory seeking. He loves bubbles and swimming. He has a hard time not climbing or jumping. He uses a swing and stair climbing to help express himself now–but that’s not all.

Super TJ loves music. He seems to have a good sense of rhythm and a good ear. We think he will explore music at some point in his life. He likes playing with lights in the dark, drums, guitars, and tablets. We are considering inviting people to clap or sing a nursery rhyme with him since he loves music so much. We think this is a good way for him to feel connected to people who want to connect.

And who wouldn’t? Super TJ’s displays of affection, excitement, joy, and sadness are so genuine. He is very pure of heart. He still has that heart-melting chuckle and an abundance of hugs and kisses to give. These days, he is doing great, and even though he struggles when fun things end, explaining what’s next helps.”

TinySuperheroes knows that there is still a ton of fun ahead for Super TJ! We’d like to thank Super Mom Andrea for sharing this story. It’s music to our ears! 

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