Super Tobi

Super Tobi’s story of determination and spirit, as told from a Super Mom’s perspective: 

“Super Tobi was our first foster child and, by the time she was two, she was our adopted child. She came to us from the NICU at the age of 5 weeks. She had not been breathing when she was born. On top of that, within 24 hours of her birth, she’d had her first seizure. She also had to go through withdrawal from drugs at this young age. But while the doctors and nurses had basically given up on her, she refused to give up on herself! 

Then, at 10 months, she suddenly stopped eating, and she needed a g-tube. But Super Tobi has always done so well with surgeries. I, on the other hand, have not always done as well! I was a total mess the first time she had surgery. I think I prayed the entire time she was in the operating room; I paced back and forth; I watched the clock. When the estimated time for the surgery was up, I still had not heard anything. I immediately went up to the nurse in charge of the waiting room and started begging for answers as to what was going on. Turns out, our TinySuperhero is a true fighter, and I should learn to relax a little and leave it to God and Super Tobi. They got this!

While Super Tobi has lots of challenges she faces every day, she works extra hard with her communicator switches so people can try to understand what she wants and feels. She struggles to play like other children, but despite these extra challenges, she remains a happy little girl with a lot of spunk and a love for chocolate! She is such a happy and loving hero with a beautiful smile. She never gives up or lets life get her down. She is my inspiration. When things get tough, I often think of what she has had to go through, and it makes me realize I can keep going. She is such an amazing little girl!

In the future, we hope that she will continue to learn to communicate better and to maybe be able to hold herself up on day and move around by herself. However, as long as she is happy, that is our ultimate goal! We are so fortunate that Super Tobi came into our lives as our first foster child. We cannot imagine life without her!”

Thank you to Super Tobi and Super Mom Angela for sharing their story with us!

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