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Super Wiley

Super Wiley just turned three years old and we are so thrilled to have him on our squad!  Super Wiley brings with him End Stage Renal Failure / Posterior Urethral Valve as his superpowers and despite being on dialysis every single night for the past three years, he’s the happiest most vivacious three-year-old you’ll ever meet!

Super Wiley’s superpowers were not discovered until after he was born.  His parents did not know that he would have extraordinary superpowers that he’d use every single day to keep him alive, but once he was born they quickly found this out.  Shortly after he was born Super Wiley went to the NICU because he had a hole in his lungs and was having difficulties breathing.  The doctors knew there was something else wrong with him, and soon discovered that there was a problem with his kidneys.  Super Wiley was transferred to a children’s hospital at only two days old.  The very next day at three days old he went in for his first surgery where they inserted a peritoneal catheter and started his first round of dialysis that very night.

Since his early days in the hospital, Super Wiley has had a few other surgeries to keep him healthy and his kidneys working.  In addition to his peritoneal catheter placement, he’s had a posterior urethral valve correction, bilateral hydrocele repair, and two umbilical hernia repairs.  Super Wiley has had to make a few trips to the ER as well — his catheter has also come apart a couple of times and his parents have taken him to the ER to have it fixed and start high doses of antibiotics so he doesn’t get an infection.  He takes all of his needle sticks, doctor’s appointments, and various testings he has to have done in stride with a smile; he’s always so happy and has so much energy!  Super Wiley has been through so much in such a short time, but he’s an amazing TinySuperhero with incredible strength and courage that he can use his superpowers to fight against anything he’s put up against!

Super Wiley is pretty much your average three year old.  He’s full of energy and has hit all of his milestones, despite doctors telling his parents he’d be behind on crawling and walking and other motor skills because he was so weak.  Doctors said Super Wiley would probably need to be tube fed as well, but fortunately his incredible superpowers have allowed that not to happen!  He might be a picky eater and eat slow but he eats and does it on his own at his own pace.

A lot of people are curious about Super Wiley’s catheter that hangs from the side of his belly.  However, Super Wiley’s parents are quick to happily explain that that small piece coming from his side is helping keep Super Wiley alive.  Along with his catheter, Wiley sleeps every night connected to a dialysis machine.  Each and every morning when he wakes up Super Wiley has to wait until his mom or dad come into his room and disconnect him from his machine before he can get out of bed.  In addition to the dialysis, Super Wiley has a lot of medicine he has to take every day to keep him healthy.  However, even with all of this Super Wiley is the happiest little guy you will ever meet; his laughter is contagious and can light up a room!

Super Wiley is very much a typical toddler that you would never know he is sick.  He is so fun and full of life and his doctors are just amazed at how well he is doing.  He has been on dialysis every night for almost 3 years, and this has definitely changed his family’s lives.  They are not able to travel and there are many things that Super Wiley cannot do because of having to do dialysis, but they would not have it any other way.  He’s a happy kiddo who loves Thomas the Train and riding his electric truck around his neighborhood.  Super Wiley has an incredible support system with friends and family; they have been there with him and his parents through thick and thin since he was first born!

You can follow along with Super Wiley’s journey on his Facebook Page Wiley’s Warriors.  Super Wiley is hoping he receives a kidney transplant very soon.  We are so happy to have this amazingly brave TinySuperhero on our squad!

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