Super Willow

Can you imagine:

“Driving 3 hours down to the children’s hospital following our daughter while she was in an ambulance in front of us.”

“Waiting all Labor Day weekend for Tuesday to finally come so Willow could have her heart surgery.”

“Sitting in the waiting room waiting for updates while she was in surgery.”

“Going home and always wondering if her heart is staying healthy.”

These are the real thoughts of a Super Mom.

Super Willow is an incredibly strong, beautiful young girl. Her superpowers include melting and healing hearts with just one smile.

Her heart adventure began when she was only six days old! She had high jaundice levels, and she needed to be under the bilirubin light and blanket. The next morning her levels came down, and she was supposed to be released. However, the doctor noticed something strange. He noticed that he could not feel her femoral pulse. That led to an echocardiogram where they found a narrowing in her aorta. Super Willow and her family had to spend nine nights at Riley Children’s Hospital.

Super Willow was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, coarctation of aorta, patent ductus arteriosus, bicuspid aortic valve, pulmonary hypertension AND patent foramen ovale. Phew, that is a mouthful. And just to PROVE how incredibly strong Super Willow is, she was able to come home only four days after having heart surgery! To add to her accomplishments, there was a high chance of Super Willow falling behind developmentally because of her time in the hospital; however, she has not fallen behind AT ALL!!! She even started walking before her twin brother, Super Wyatt!

Super Wyatt deserves a special shoutout for being an AMAZING sidekick. He is older than Super Willow (by 10 minutes)! While living in the hospital for over a week with Super Willow hooked up to so many cords, Super Wyatt had to stay in the waiting room with the rest of his family, but Super Wyatt was the perfect “waiting room baby.” He shares a superpower of “twin sense” with Super Willow. Together, they love to play and also cause a little bit of mischief by telling people that they are “naughty.” (How cute!)

Even though Super Willow’s heart had to be fixed, it’s perfect in every way.

We love you Super Willow. Your story melts our heart, and we are so happy to have you on our Squad. ❤️❤️

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