Super Zakora

Meet Super Zakora: This TinySuperhero can do whatever she sets her mind to. With her superpowers of determination and unlimited potential , she shows us that everything is possible. The only thing that is IMPOSSIBLE is to root against her! 

Super Zakora had to show her strength early on in life. Born with cerebral palsy, she experienced an extremely difficult first few months. Super Mom Brittany recalls what this tumultuous time was like for this hero and her family:

Says Brittany, “She had a difficult delivery. She spent a month in the NICU because she had bleeding in the brain. The worst was not knowing if she would survive that bleeding. We felt helpless; all we could do was watch and wait. Then, after she was finally home, she had a fever spike and a seizure. She was lifeless, and it was the worst thing we have been through.” 

Four years later, however, Super Zakora has proven to be the opposite of helpless. This TinySuperhero is full of life and persistence. She is working on walking with her walker and maneuvering her wheelchair, and while she isn’t walking without support yet, she is always moving forward. According to Brittany, Super Zakora loves dancing and swimming. This Super Mom is sure that there is “nothing but improvement” ahead. 

“She is very independent,” says Brittany. “Botox loosened her leg muscles, so now she can get up and down from the couch by herself! She’s so determined, and she sees no limits. She is our little angel!”

Go, Super Zakora! The TinySuperheroes community knows that this hero is both striving and thriving. Hooray!

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