meetkyleI cannot wait to introduce you to this Extraordinary TinySuperhero…

He is brave.
He is strong.
He is courageous.
And his message is going to change the world!

When SuperCaptainBraveman and I first ran into each other on Instagram, it was at the beginning of the transformation of our Mission at TinySuperheroes. I was still struggling to puts words around what I felt our Mission at TinySuperheroes should be…

Then SuperCaptainBraveman came along and assured me in our new direction to empower ALL kids with ALL abilities.

SuperCaptainBraveman is actually the alterego to Kyle…Super Kyle. “Unrestricted by physical incapacitations (or an ounce of a mean streak), he teaches kids simple yet valuable life lessons about courage, friendship and kindness. As you read this home-grown series with your kids, may your hearts be lifted, and may your children be inspired to cherish each others differences.” (

I feel so honored not only to have Super Kyle on our TinySuperheroes Squad, but to have a new friendship with an incredible family who is open to helping our Mission at TinySuperheroes as well!

I don’t want to ruin the story…but I will tell you this. If you’re looking for a special book for a child this holiday season, SuperCaptainBraveman is it!

Check out this amazing video of Super Kyle opening his TinySuperheroes Cape!

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