Super Alessia

ATTENTION: One TinySuperhero has shown us her superpowers of perseverance and astounding inner strength. Here is her story, as submitted by Super Dad Michael:

“Super Alessia Mia was born on October 26, 2017. From the moment she entered this world, she has been bursting with personality, undeniable spirit, and perseverance. She exudes confidence and energy wherever she goes. Since she could stand on her own two feet, she has communicated her enthusiasm for life through dance. Her birth name means ‘defending warrior’. Little did we know how the power in her name would truly encapsulate the moments following a traumatic event that would forever change her life.

On August 12, 2020, Super Alessia was involved in what could have been a deadly car accident.  She sustained multiple neck and spinal injuries, as well as a major spinal cord injury that led to immediate paralysis from her chest down to her toes. Shortly after the accident, it was the sincere hope of family and doctors that Super Alessia’s condition would improve. However, after an emergency spinal surgery to fuse her spine and address leaking spinal fluid, it was discovered that Super Alessia’s spinal cord was in fact transected. Surgeons said that this precious, vivacious, and full-of-life child would never walk again. 

But this hero is deeply loved by her parents and by her brothers, Logan and Theo. We are determined to carry Super Alessia’s world on our shoulders in hopes that one day she will dance again. We have all suffered moments of defeat and disappointment, moments of heartache and pain, but we have been reminded by Super Alessia’s strength not to give up hope. She will dance again. Until then, she continues to show a commitment to living life to the fullest.”

Go, Super Alessia!

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