Super Jett

365 days ago, Jett’s journey was clearly coming very close to the end. I received a call at midnight saying, ‘Jett’s blood has came back very abnormal. His lactate level was dangerously high. I would come in as soon as you can.’

​As I began crying, I hung up the phone and woke up AJ. I said, ‘Jett’s in trouble. I have to go right now.’ As I rushed to the hospital, I prayed so hard. I arrived to his room. His doors were wide open and everyone was there. I walked over and Jett was as white as the walls. I walked over to him and so peacefully placed my hand on his head. I whispered in his ear, ‘Mommy is here. It’s going to be okay baby, you can’t give up on me now. You have fought so hard please keep going.’ The nurse came over to me and asked if I want to go to the waiting room. I said, ‘Absolutely not. This is where I need to be, no matter how bad it gets.’

I walked to his doorway, and I watched the doctors and nurses work on his little body. I watched his monitor as his heart rate dropped. The doctors yelled for a code cart. Everyone was quiet as we watched his monitor, and then doctors began yelling orders. Jett’s heart rate dropped to 30 as a nurse began chest compressions. 

I sat there praying out loud during the chaos. I begged God not to take him yet. I cried and cried, thinking this can’t be how his fight ends. A nurse paged a chaplain for immediate help to give me. We called his cardiologists and surgeons. We were going to place him on ecmo and the doctors said, “No, absolutely don’t do that yet. If he goes on now, he may never come off.’

We got Jett stabilized, and I remember after it all, cleaning his blood off of his crib. His room was a mess from the chaos. All I wanted to do was clean it and get rid of the evidence of what just happened. I bathed Jett and combed his hair so perfectly over. I thanked God for saving him again, and I asked him to continue to give me more time. 

​​The next morning, the doctors expressed how it’s not looking good. His heart function was even worse. I looked at them, stood tall wiped my tears and said, “He will be okay. He will make it. Don’t give up.”

Even now 365 days later, I still remember every single thing about that night. I remember the noises, the doctors, nurses. I remember who did what to save him, I remember the smell, I remember the chair I sat on, I remember the way Jett looked, I remember the sound his monitor made as I watched his heart rate dropped. It’s so very clear, and I believe it always will be. This is something that can never be erased from a mother’s mind. Thanks to all his doctors and nurses who didn’t give up on my son. You worked and worked on his little body when I’m sure you wanted to just cry with me. Thank you. You believed in my son, and you showered me with many hugs and prayers afterwards. You all will always be a part of my family. We love you.

But tonight I will dance with my hero and hold him extra tight. We are home now, and we are enjoying every single second God continues to provide to our family. Today and the days to come are going to be the hardest for my sons donor family. My heart aches for them. They are reminded of their final days with their precious baby. Say many prayers for them, as they need comfort, love and support to get through this. I hope they can feel my love I give them every single day. I have never stopped praying for them, everyday, every second I’m thinking of them. Every time I look at my son, I am thinking of his donor. The baby who lives in my son, the one who is our hero. The one who saved my son’s life.” 
-Super Mom Suzi Leahy

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