Super Vivian

Today, I met Super Vivian for the first time. I didn’t know much about her, but she is the cousin of a woman I admire greatly, so it didn’t take much convincing that we needed her on our Squad.

Super Vivian is 8 years old and going into third grade. She has revealed Extraordinary super powers while navigating childhood with sensory processing disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.  

Today, Super Vivian came to the Shipping Extravaganza event at our headquarters. It was the first time I had met her, and she had yet to receive her cape.

When Tiny Superheroes are nominated for our waiting list, they are given the opportunity to ask their community to support the sponsorship of their cape. The goal is $30 and any money received over $30 goes to sponsoring capes for other kids on our waiting list. (There is no obligation for families to participate in the campaign, but it is what enables us to send thousands of capes each year.)

Super Vivian had already rallied her community to raise $310, enough to sponsor her cape and NINE other Tiny Superheroes from the waiting list!

The incredible thing that surprises me over and over again are how generous our TinySuperheroes are. Often they are just as excited to help other kids as they are about receiving their own cape. It’s phenomenal.

While we were together at our Shipping Extravaganza, we had the awesome opportunity of personalizing her cape together! Then, she presented me with $150 to sponsor five more capes! (On top of the $310 she had already raised!) Super Vivian created her own stress balls and sold them to family and friends to raise this money, and decided she wanted to use it to help empower TinySuperheroes!

Super Vivian’s cape transformed her spirit in a very short time. Just this past Thursday Vivian was at the park with her friends and became very sad and withdrawn when all her friends wanted to spend all of their time on the zipline – something that terrified her. Managing emotions in these social situations can be very hard for Super Vivian.

Shortly after Super Vivian received her cape, her mom sent us this message:


“Although her anxiety has come a long way, she still struggles every day. Especially in social situations. She has been hyper-focused on that day at the park with her friends and her anxiety about the zip line. As soon as you put the cape on her she ran over to us and asked if we could go to the zip line today. I know she asked 80 times during lunch and the drive home. She jumped right on.”


Watch this short video to see how joining the TinySuperheroes Squad has empowered Super Vivian to embrace her super powers!


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