Surgery Day is Tomorrow!

Well, everyday of this Vertical Talus adventure with Super Sheldon I find myself understanding more and more about our TinySuperheroes Squad. The truth is, what I’m really understanding is how much I will never really understand what many of these families survive…but I hope I can learn to love them better with each ounce of experience I gain…and I hope they will forgive all of the things I don’t understand.

For example, I now kind of understand what it is like to try to get to 4 appointments + surgery in 1 week (it’s a full time job). I now kind of understand what it feels like to have to advocate for your child – or to trust your gut to get a second opinion (it’s exhausting and terrifying). I now  understand what it’s like to feel like you’re missing out on the sweet moments holding a baby without full casts on (it breaks your heart).

And soon I will understand what it feels like to hand your 8 week old baby over to doctors who will put him to sleep, cut him open and fix him. Soon I will understand how long that hour-long surgery might feel.

Super Sheldon goes in early tomorrow morning. The surgery seems pretty simple compared to what many of our TinySuperheroes have endured. They will place a pin in a bone in both feet will do a tenotomy on his achilles tendons. I am confident he is in the best hands.

I’m so grateful for the support you all have given my family and I truly hope that Super Sheldon’s journey will continue to humble and mold my heart into one that can create lasting impact on our TinySuperheroes. I’ll be sure to keep you posted tomorrow!

Many thanks!


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