Meet the Crew: Megan


3 cups of family fun

2 slices of sunshine by a lake 

3 tablespoons of competitive nature 

½ cup full of positive attitude

½ cup of a get-stuff-done attitude 

1 splash of beer 


  1. Do the thing. 
  2. Take the trip.
  3. Find the balance. 

Meat Megan! … (Pun intended.) 

Megan is a partner at TinySuperheroes along with her husband, Patrick and our founder, Robyn! Megan can be found doing a wide array of different things for TinySuperheroes. Some of the things she is renowned for are planning our TinySuperheroes National Superhero Day Party, fixing up our new HQ, paying the bills, and so much more! 

“I love what TinySuperheroes is and what it is becoming.  And I love that I get to be a part of the planning and growth discussion for our amazing Squad.  Empowering our Squad, both our TinySuperheroes and their families, is everything. Instilling confidence through accomplishment is a big driver for me.” 

When she isn’t working her magic at HQ, she is busy with her full-time job running an organization that does state and local legislative advocacy for economic policy.  (Woah.) 

“I’ve always loved government and politics. Growing up, this is what we talked about at dinner.  (And still do! My dad and brother, aunts and uncles and cousins… it’s very much a part of our family get-togethers!) Not to mention, I met my husband during my time working for the US senate.  :).”  

Megan will be married to Patrick for 16 years in October! They have two beautiful daughters, Keaton and Chaney. She also spends lots of time with her cousins – both that are officially related – and some friends that have come to be called, “cousins,” over the years.

Megan has many superpowers… including cooking!  She will remind you to never underestimate the power of a handwritten to-do list and the usefulness of a basket. 

To her daughters’ dismay, her kryptonite is slime. 

“I’m a master list maker.  Like a lot of families out there, we juggle obligations – school, work, extra activities….  But I think we do a pretty great job of finding balance. Are there days I feel like I am always one step behind – yes!  But it always passes and perspective helps. And a positive attitude is everything.” 

Megan brings a wonderful balance and insight to our TinySuperheroes Crew, and we are so thankful to have her leading us into the future. 

Meet the Crew: Patrick

The man behind the curtain, the go-to problem-solver when it comes to everything from keeping us afloat as the CFO to fixing the air-conditioning at HQ. Meet Patrick! 

Patrick spent fifteen years working for the United States Congress and four years running an economic think tank prior to joining Robyn on this amazing journey. He met Robyn in 2017 at the Missouri Venture Forum (an organization of St. Louis start-up companies). They were both speakers! Patrick recalled how Robyn’s main call-to-action was that she needed help. Well, while lots of people want to help, not many want to actually get down in the trenches and do the work to ACTUALLY help, but Patrick did! A three hour coffee meeting turned into two years later… and we are so glad that it did. 

“I am passionate about using my life experiences to grow TinySuperheroes into a Squad that is recognizable around the world.” -Patrick 

The running joke at HQ is that Patrick has an alter ego. Patrick’s role is streamlining and expanding the operation to reach more TinySuperheroes and grow the Squad… On the other hand, there is “Todd.” Todd loves looking at the financial numbers to ensure we can keep the lights on. Todd reminds us that we aren’t like most companies. Our success is measured differently.

“The smiles our capes put on the faces of kids around the world is amazing. There truly is something magical about the cape, and I am honored to be a part of what Robyn has created.” -Patrick (Not Todd) 

Patrick has been married to his wife, Megan (who is also a TSH Crew member… stay tuned for her feature next month!), for sixteen years! They have two beautiful daughters, Chaney and Keaton. Their family also includes a Golden Retriever (Derby), a stray cat (Bobbie), and two thriving school carnival fish. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Patrick is also the proud (favorite) uncle to six nieces and nephews.   

Some fun facts about Patrick: “I loved playing soccer through High School and College.  Now I enjoy coaching my daughters’ soccer teams. I love watching and attending horse racing, especially if it involves a good Bourbon. I eat chicken wings wherever I can get them, and I am three-time Northern Arkansas Southern Missouri “Hot Wing” division champion.  Much like the crew at TinySuperheroes, I do not like losing.” 

If you get a chance… you should ask him who the reigning champ is in the last competition. (Cough, cough, it’s Maggie.) 

When asked… Patrick says his kryptonite is the word, “Can’t.” But really… He is, “Not a fan of bees.” 

“He’s soooo scared of them. I’m trying to be a better example for my children so they don’t freak out when they see one!” -The brave, bee-fighting wife, Megan 

If it wasn’t for Patrick (and Todd, sigh), TinySuperheroes wouldn’t be where it is today. We are so proud to have Patrick as a partner here at TinySuperheroes, and we can’t wait to see where he leads us. 

A Mom’s Intuition

Intuition is a strange, impressive phenomenon… But a mother’s intuition is so much more. A mother’s intuition is a force that shouldn’t be reckoned with. It’s a feeling that comes from deep inside. It is unexplainable. It is powerful.

A mother’s intuition saves lives.   

It is no wonder that our Squad of TinySuperheroes is so strong and brave. How could they not be extraordinary when they have real-life Super Moms raising them? 

These are just a few examples of how our Super Mom’s have used their superpower of intuition: 

“One afternoon, my husband Jon and I were driving down the road when an ambulance pulled out of the fire station. I told Jon if the ambulance turned towards our house I was turning around. Well, sure enough it turned in the direction of our house, so the chase was on. A feeling came over me as if I were being choked, and I told Jon I knew they were going to our house. Of course he is telling me what a nut I am. We got stuck at a red light. I wanted to run it, but Jon wouldn’t let me. He told me to calm down and that the ambulance was long gone, but I told him I felt like I was being strangled and was going home. Turning onto our street I could see the ambulance with both back doors open and lights still flashing at the end of my road… they were indeed at our house. I ran both stop signs and saw the EMTs walking to the ambulance with our son Braylan. He was stung by a bee and is allergic. Our older son shot him with his Epipen while grandma called 911. Jon’s mom asked how we knew to come home… Jon said, ‘We saw the ambulance pull out, and Lisa just knew.’ Mother’s intuition… it’s real.” -Super Mom Lisa West 

Trust your gut.

“My daughter was 4 months old when I felt a small lump where her liver is. I brought it up to her doctor, and he felt around and didn’t feel anything. So, he said if I feel it again to let him know. (I thought I was being paranoid.) A month later at her checkup, I expressed how I was concerned that she wasn’t gaining weight like my two older girls did at her age and she wasn’t reaching her gross motor milestones. He didn’t seem concerned, but he saw that I was not happy about his response. So he asked me if I wanted her to be admitted to the hospital for testing. I said yes, and she was admitted that day. It turns out she was malnourished because there was a giant tumor taking up almost all of her liver. She just finished round 4 of chemo and is going to have surgery next month. Trust your gut mamas! Who knows what would have happened if we didn’t catch it when we did.” -Super Mom Jamie Farfante 

Your opinion matters. 

“Lyla was 2 months old, still in the NICU. She was already short bowel syndrome due to Gastroschisis. She was working her way up in tube feeds and had just a day prior started to attempt nursing. She was only allowed to nurse a couple of times a day after I had pumped. First day nursing went great, second day started off great, but by that night my baby wasn’t acting herself. She wouldn’t latch and wasn’t happy. I knew something was wrong. The nurses just thought I was discouraged because Lyla wouldn’t latch, but I wanted a doctor to come check on her. The on-call doctor came and told me, ‘As long as she isn’t vomiting green stuff she is fine.’ I couldn’t shake the feeling and demanded an x ray. The doctor acted like I was overreacting. But they did the x ray. Within 5 minutes, Lyla was swarmed by nurses and doctors. Removing her NG and hooking her up to wall suction and drawing labs, running antibiotics. That same doctor came to me and said, `You saved Lyla’s life.’ Lyla had Necrotizing Enterocolitis. She ended up getting very sick and required another surgery to remove more bowel and place an ileostomy. Things could have been deadly if we didn’t catch it as early as we did.” -Super Mom Courtney Watkins 

Be persistent.

“When my TinySuperhero was four months old, he caught a cold and started gasping for breath. For two months I sought different doctors every week, only to be told that it was nothing to worry about. I had to keep pushing and trusting my intuition. It wasn’t until they started to worry about shunt malfunction that they finally became concerned about his breathing. Three weeks in the PICU and a brain surgery later… Now he breathes much better! I learned from that to push when I KNOW something is wrong.” -Super Mom Sean-Kait Saffold 

You know your child best. 

“When my son was nine months old, he was playing on the floor and I noticed that his head was moving side to side but it didn’t look like it was voluntary. (It was a very slight change.) I said something about it, but everyone just brushed it off… The next day his eyes would take spells of going round and round in circles, and that’s when I got really worried. I told my family and everyone that something just didn’t feel right, so the doctor agreed that it was odd and referred us to a pediatric eye doctor. He thought it was nothing serious, but I pushed. Then, just to make me feel better, he said that he would order an MRI… The night before the MRI, I called my mom crying because I knew something was wrong with my baby. Sure enough, after the scan, they pulled us aside in recovery and told us that he had an aggressive optic pathway glioma, and if we wouldn’t have caught it when we did and started treatment immediately, that he would have died.” – Super Mom Amanda Turner Smith  

There can be so much doubt, skepticism and negativity in this world that so many don’t understand, but just remember, you are a Super Mom. Your child would not be here without you. When that feeling of intuition creeps up, listen to it.

A Cape Full of Patches on Every Kid

The cape is just the beginning of the journey…

We asked 3,000 of our families if their children were part of an extracurricular activity or group…

80% said NO.

We asked them if they wanted to be…

98% said YES.

We knew we had to fix this.

So, as of January 2019, we launched the Patches Program!

Every month, our TinySuperheroes unlock a new superpower by completing a mission. For each mission that is completed, a new patch is earned for their cape, at no cost to the family!

Our original goal was to keep our Squad engaged, but what it has transformed into is so much more…

It builds confidence.

“It helps my daughter know that there are others out there like her. It gives us something fun to do together where we can talk about the importance of being true to ourselves and helps her to learn how special we all are in our own ways.” – Super Mom Jennifer

“The program helps give my kids the tools they need to navigate a childhood that is filled with scary things so that the wonder and amazement can fill their hearts.” – Super Mom Amanda

It builds friendships around the world.

“The patches program is important because it gives the children a sense of community. They know there is an entire group that loves and cares about them. It gives them an opportunity to be included and include the community around them. It allows them to make a difference and an impact on the world. My son and I still do the March Mission and leave drops of hope where we know it is needed.” – Super Mom Ziec

“My son loves getting the patches because to him it’s like a reward for completing something and he loves that people all over the world does the same thing as him. He likes seeing the different ways other kids do theirs and most importantly he loves that it’s something we do together kinda our thing and crafts are his favorite. He also made pen pals through this program and he loves getting mail and writing his favorite pen pal Hunter.” – Super Mom Amber

It strengthens family connections.

“It gives the kids a sense of accomplishment. My son looks forward to doing the missions, seeing how the other kids have done and of course getting something in the mail. I think it’s a good connection time between the kiddo and parent while doing them together. It opens up conversations that might be hard to open up without having this purpose. He seems to talk more freely while we’re doing the projects together. I think it connects him to the other TinySuperheroes knowing they are doing and dealing with the same things. So often he feels alone in his struggles.” – Super Mom Donna

“It’s encouraging, thoughtful and a true motivation. The missions bring together families for bonding time. It gives these TinySuperheroes something to look forward to and rewards them in the end. Something for them to be proud of and to have fun while doing. I think this whole program is AMAZING.” – Super Mom Patricia

It provides a way to educate and, hopefully, create change.

“It helps shine light on the MANY disabilities our littles have, and it allows us to bring awareness to the public as well.” -Super Mom Jenna

“It gives our TinySuperheroes the feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves.” – Super Mom Aub

Not to mention, it is just plain FUN.    

“It gives them a chance to escape the world we sometimes don’t understand. It gives us a chance to look paste all the medical. It gives us a reason to smile as we see their excitement. It gives them a sense of love outside of a world that doesn’t understand them but a group that does. It brings us parents a reason to feel like we aren’t failing them. A reason we can brag about our children when others don’t understand. Robyn thank you and your team for all you do!!!” -Super Mom Shelley

“It gives the child a chance to just be a kid and have fun, a break from the medical stuff :)” -Super Mom Marie

We were truly humbled by our Super Moms’ responses.

For us, seeing a cape full of patches means so much. It means that we actively take part in making a positive impact in our TinySuperheroes’ lives every month. It gives us a sense of pride, joy, and determination to make it even better.

Start your journey with us. We can’t wait to see your TinySuperhero grow.

Meet the Crew: Terri

Terri is a sewing phenomenon… Seriously. One time we gave her over 100 letters to sew onto capes… and I swear she finished in like an hour! It is truly an honor to have Terri as our seamstress here at TinySuperheroes HQ. Terri is responsible for personalizing all of the superhero capes. So, if your cape has a letter on it, Terri personally cut the letter, placed it on the cape and sewed it! She was even the one to wrap it all up in the tissue paper, put a sticker on it, package it up, and print the label with your name and address on it!

Not only is Terri lightning-quick, but her work is absolutely beautiful.

When Terri started working for TinySuperheroes two and a half years ago, she was helping Robyn by sewing 20-30 capes per month. Now, Terri is sewing more than 400 per month!

What a wonderful lady. But she doesn’t stop there!  

Terri was an OR nurse in pediatric hospitals for 30 years.

“I began my nursing career as a student at Deaconess School of Nursing and continued to work there after graduation. From there I went to work at Shriners Hospital for Children for over 6 years as an OR nurse. I left Shriners and started in the operating room at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. I stayed there for 24 years. The decision to leave was not easy. I loved working with and for the children. Now, at TinySuperheroes I can continue to work for the children, but just in a different setting!”

It is obvious that Terri is an incredibly caring, thoughtful and selfless person.When she isn’t sewing capes, you can find her gardening, practicing her faith or spending time with her family.

“I have been married to my wonderful husband for 28 years, and we have 4 awesome children. As they move out and develop their own careers and families, we are amazed at how quickly they have grown!”

When asked, she will tell you her superpower is the ability to hyper-focus on an activity which makes her a task-master! But top secret information from HQ will tell you that her kryptonite is chocolate and all forms of carbs!

Make sure to share your campaign so you can not only help 3 other TinySuperhereos get their capes, but also so you can get your cape personalized by a truly amazing person!

Field Trip to Ellisville Elementary

Hi! (Maggie here- one of the TinySuperheroes Crew members.)

I had an awesome experience recently that I just have to share with you all.

While my amazing day job consists of sending capes to our TinySuperheroes, I also coach a nine-year-old soccer team. One of my players, Em, is a pretty incredible individual.

“Hi! My name is Emily, and I am in 3rd grade.  At school I like to help in the special needs room. When I get older I want to work with kids with special needs.”

When asked what they want to be when they grow up, most kids will say jobs such as a professional athlete, astronaut, painter, etc., which is awesome because kids should aim high and believe that they can be absolutely anything that they want. But when Em said that she wanted to help kids with special needs, it was a rare and unique thing to hear. It caught me off guard for a second. Not only is this answer realistic, but this occupation takes an incredibly patient and understanding person. It takes a lot for anyone to possess such qualities, but especially a nine-year-old. However, Em does!

One day, as Em was enthusiastically explaining how she spent her day as a buddy during the special olympics event at her school, it dawned on me that I just had to go meet her friends and get them all capes! The next day, I called Ellisville Elementary and set a date.

When we deliver capes to a classroom, the experience is always wonderful, but it is a little bit different at every location. We are never quite sure what kind of atmosphere we are walking into. Will it be a large bustling classroom or a small, quiet classroom? Do the kids know we are coming, or are we surprising them?

I had seven capes in my arms – all folded, wrapped and waiting to find their superheroes and new homes. Robyn and I checked in at Ellisville Elementary, got our name tags, and Em led us in the right direction!

As we walked into the small, intimate setting, we found that the teachers were reading a story about superheroes in preparation for us! These teachers were all so kind and gave us such a warm welcome. And then, within seconds of walking into the classroom, I met Super John Henry.

Super John Henry had his eyes on me the entire time. He had the biggest smile on his face and just had the most contagious belly-laugh I have ever heard. Within a couple seconds, he had everybody in the room laughing with him.

The teachers said that he had a crush on me, but really he was the one that stole my heart.

Eventually, after the laughter settled down, Robyn worked her magic and explained how each one of these kids is a superhero.

Then, Em individually handed out the capes, helping each TinySuperhero put it on!

Em explained, “Last week, Maggie came to my school and gave capes to all of the kids with special needs.  I got to help hand out the capes to everyone. The kids were so happy to get a cape, and it made me feel good about what I was doing.  I loved seeing the smiles on their faces. It was so fun having Maggie and TinySuperheroes come to my school!”

Field trips like this one are a wonderful reminder that it is about so much more than just the cape. It is about spreading joy, friendship and community connection. For that, I am extremely grateful. I am lucky to have found two jobs that I genuinely love doing, and the fact that these two worlds collided in such a special way is a memory that will stay with me forever.

P.S. If you are a teacher looking to nominate your classroom full of TinySuperheroes, we would love to help! Contact us at

The Magic of the Cape

Every time a child is given a cape, whether it is flown across the world to Australia or hand-delivered across the street, we strive to make each TinySuperhero’s experience meaningful. We want them to feel empowered. We want them to feel loved. We want them to know that they are not alone; they are on a Squad with thousands of other kids from across the world.

And it works! There is something about the capes that reminds these Extraordinary kids of the magic within them.

“Super Jonathin has to regularly give blood to be tested to make sure his flesh eating bacteria isn’t trying to come back. He cries EVERY time. He cries when we turn down the hallway because he knows where we’re headed. He cries in the waiting room while I beg him not to scare the other kids. He cries when they take him back and I have to hold him down because he freaks out when they do it. It’s an exhausting experience. Today, I put his TinySuperheroes cape on and told him he wouldn’t be scared this time because he was a superhero. He didn’t cry once. Not even one tear.”
-Super Mom Katie Wilson-Perez

“I’m a photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Most photographers will tell you that photographing children is a challenge…. we learn to work around that…. it’s part of the fun…. This weekend I photographed a family that has a son with special needs. This is my second time photographing him and he’s so sweet, but very shy and doesn’t talk to me much. On our shoot Saturday his mom put on his superhero cape that you made him and his service dog and WOW!!! In all my years I have never seen such an instant change in a child. His chin went up, his shoulders went back and he marched himself right up to where he wanted his photo taken.”
-Super Wyatt & Super Sidekick Princess

However, the magic doesn’t stop there.

Sometimes, the magic occurs in the Sidekick Sibling.

For example, Super Anna and her younger sister, Super Sidekick Ava, have been on our Squad for a long time. While Super Anna joined our Angel Squad at 8-years-old due to complications related to a neurodegenerative disorder, PKAN, her family has stayed very involved in our Squad activities.  Anytime we see Super Sidekick Ava at an event, she is wearing her sister’s cape. Her mom explained to us that this was completely her idea. She finds comfort in wearing her sister’s cape. It is a way to remember and honor Super Anna. This is an extremely powerful thing for a child to do.

Others also honor their angels by continuing with the monthly missions; each time is a way for them to celebrate their loved one.

Seriously, we love our Super Sidekicks.

Here is another example. It was National Superhero Day, and we celebrated by having a big party! We invited all of our local TinySuperheroes and their families. Along with many other activities, we had a cape station, where all of our Sidekick Siblings could get a cape if they did not have one yet. Ellen, one of our favorite TinySuperheroes helpers, went  around making sure all of the Sidekicks that wanted capes got one! One boy in particular left a lasting impression. When Ellen asked this older brother if he wanted a cape, he said reluctantly, “No, I am not a superhero…” Ellen, of course, explained to him how incredible and super he really is, and how he deserves a cape too. His whole demeanor immediately changed, he rushed to go ask his mom if it was ok, and wore the cape the rest of the day.

And sometimes the cape’s magic touches the mom instead.

“My son, Kamden, just received his amazing cape this afternoon, and I am just beyond blessed to have him thought of for this. It brought me to tears! He has been wearing it for hours! Thank you for putting a big smile on my son’s face and letting him know he is a superhero!!”
-Super Mom Lindsay McArthur

“Hello! I just wanted to shoot you an email and tell you how beyond appreciative we are for all that you have done. We couldn’t have been luckier to become apart of a squad that is THIS incredible. Everything you stand for, and everything you do is remarkable. We received our package, and when I opened it with Hudson I bawled! It means so much to us and so much to him that you thought of us and sent him this. We loved reading every card, and we loved the drawing as well. We LOVE EVERYTHING. We would love to continue to do what we can to help others as well; if there is anything we can do on top of the missions please let us know!  Thanks so much again I wish I could tell ya 100 times over!!” -Super Hudson and Mommy!

Finally… to be the person to give a TinySuperhero a cape is one of the most magical feelings to experience.

This is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given- the opportunity to deliver a cape in-person, and I am blessed to be able to do this quite often. To see a TinySuperhero’s face light up when they realize that they are a superhero for everything they have been through… to see the smile and realization creep across their face until it turns into full-blown laughter… to see them start to spin and run across the room with confidence and joy… It is one of the best feelings in the whole world.

Meet the Crew: Jamie

The Intro: I am a Wife & Mama Bear. A Believer. An absolute Fun-Haver and Sweat-Seeker. I am married to my handsome hubby, Dave. We just celebrated 10 years of marriage. His side-gig (and the one that caught my eye 13 years ago) is dj’ing. He is always taking the parties we throw for local TinySuperheroes to the next level with music and fun.

I have three very-spirited kiddos of my own. Kylie (8), Weston (6), and Theodore (3). At 15 months, Theo had Bilateral Ureteral-Reimplant Surgery after discovering his kidneys were under-developing in-utero due to Grade 5 Reflux and a complicated renal system. He amazes me everyday with his ability to not only overcome, but take on and do so with joy and curiosity!

My professional life has been an adventure, to say the least. While studying for my Master’s in Social Work, I was also a Professional Boxer/Kickboxer. I had the opportunity to travel all over the nation. I earned two National and one International title as well as becoming a Golden Glove Champ. This chapter of my life taught me so much about myself and the phantom limits I was creating.

At the end of my education, I walked away a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication and Cultural Studies. I have worked in the local court system as a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, been House Mom to children in a local residential program that have complex medical/emotional/social needs.

I spent most of my professional career in Special School District supporting families to have a voice and a place at the table as decisions were made for their children. I trained and coached schools to implement interventions that leveraged the strengths and unique abilities of individuals and families and worked to build inclusive and integrated models for school districts so that every child felt a sense of belonging in their home-school community.

Before coming to TSH (which is my dream job), I was recruited to Mizzou’s Department of Special Education to continue supporting rural, suburban and urban district’s to build multi-tiered systems of support for all kids.

Role at TSH: Currently I am the Customer Service Task-Force. Ha Yep, me. So, I apologize if you’re frustrated with response times…we are working so hard at scaling up! This really is a dedicated, committed, inspiring team. I am happy to play any part of it. There are going to be some really exciting things coming your way soon. We all have so many hopes and dreams for this special community of TinySuperheroes.

How I got involved: Funny Story. I work out with Robyn’s Aunt (also a random circumstance). One day she said that I reminded her of her niece and she wanted us to meet. So, I did the logical thing and creeped on her Facebook page. I learned quickly how amazing she is (as you all know). The neatest part and why I really wanted to meet her was because she was a kidney donor. This may sound weird, but I have always wanted to donate a kidney AND my mom is a recipient of one. I wanted to hear all about Robyn’s journey and introduce her to my mom.

So, fast forward…Missy set up the date. Robyn and I met at a blanket making party that Missy hosted. By the end of the night, Missy was working on my blanket while Robyn and I chatted. At the end of the night, she said she has always followed her gut and God, and both were telling her to ask me out…Well to come work for her. I said, Yes!

What I’m passionate about: So many things. I heard a podcast recently that really resonated with me. Some of us are super clear and passionate about one special thing. And some of us are passionate about life and all the messiness of it. I fall in this camp. We are referenced as “hummingbirds that cross-pollinate the world”. I love a lot about a lot.

If I have to drill down what makes me tick, it is helping others find and grow their own amazingness. To help people see that they are uniquely and imperfectly perfect and have a gift to give this world. I try and spread joy and laughter (it’s more like a cackle) wherever I go and I aspire to leave places and people better than when I found them.

In conclusion: I am committed to this work and helping Robyn spread this mission of hope and empowerment. I believe God has me right where he wants me and I am excited to see what He is orchestrating. I have a heart for others and I hope you feel that as we interact and grow together.

Is my kid a TinySuperhero?

The TinySuperheroes Crew loves all the questions we get here at TinySuperheroes HQ. It’s true! We think it’s AWESOME because that means we have a wonderfully engaged community! But we think the answer to one question in particular deserves its own blog post: Does my child’s diagnosis qualify them as a TinySuperhero?

First of all, the answer is always YES. We have learned that every kid could use a reminder of their courage, strength and hope, no matter what they are battling! We have a nearly never-ending list of different diagnoses on our Squad. (Seriously, the list goes on forever.) The fact that each of our TinySuperheroes is unique is what makes our Squad so incredible. We are here to celebrate the wins and support each other when things get tough! (And don’t even get me started about how incredible our Super Sidekicks are! They are so deserving of their “Super” status too!)

One recent instance inspired me to more openly address this question, especially considering there are probably more people wondering this as our community is growing every day!

I had been talking to the mom of one of our TinySuperheroes All-Stars, Super MaKree, thanking her for helping sponsor capes for over 10 other TinySuperheroes! Her response took my breath away:

“So, when I first found TinySuperheroes I thought it was a fantastic idea, and I wanted to sign my daughter up. But my first thought was that she was doing so well we would just let those capes go to those kids who ‘really’ need them. Then, MaKree came home from Preschool one day a few weeks ago and asked me, “Mom, how come I can’t run like the other kids in my class? I can’t even play tag with them because I can never catch anyone.” At that moment TinySuperheroes popped into my mind. I want her to know that she has overcome so much in her short life. I want her to know that just because she can’t run as fast, she is still an amazing kid. So without hesitation I signed her up. It’s hard to have to explain to your five-year-old what a traumatic brain injury is. It’s hard to explain that more than likely she will deal with being ‘different’ her whole life. What’s easy is showing her that she is a superhero and that she is special. So thank you so much for the opportunity to help my child see how truly amazing she is.Y’all are angels on earth and I hope you continue doing what you are doing. It means so much to parents like me and to kids like MaKree. From the bottom of our hearts…..thank you!” -Super Mom Melanie

Super MaKree is the epitome of a TinySuperhero, and we are so lucky to have her on our Squad!

Later on that day, I was scrolling through our TinySuperheroes group, and I stumbled upon this post:

That is when our group members worked their magic! This post buzzed with likes and comments. All of which were supporting Super Mom Liz, and telling her that Super Madison is ABSOLUTELY a TinySuperhero!  I was so proud of our group. Just look at some of these comments:

Right away Super Mom Liz nominated Super Madison, and guess what! She has already funded her own cape AND three other TinySuperheroes’ capes!

So, in closing, if you have any doubts about whether or not to nominate your TinySuperhero, please do. Nothing would make us happier than to have them on our Squad. Thank you for being such an amazing community. ❤️

Launch Mission Blog

The Launch Mission did exactly that. There was built up anticipation, and then:




Blast off!

It catapulted through our expectations, and it just kept soaring. While we knew that the Patches Program was something our Squad wanted, the creativity and positivity that has been pouring out from this Mission has been awe-inspiring.

We had over 2,339 superheroes unlock their mission by the end of the very first day, and we have had over 4,000 in total! 

For those of you who may not know, we started the Patches Program at the beginning of January. Through the Patches Program, each month our Squad can complete Missions to unlock their superpowers and earn patches for their capes! The cape is just the beginning of the Journey, and the Patches Program allows our Squad members to grow and stay united – across the whole world!

This Launch Mission is the very first one, and it lays the foundation for the rest of our Squad’s Missions. Their task was to make their own Toolbox, which will be their place to put the special things they acquire throughout their TinySuperheroes Journey. So, if they are ever in need of a reminder of what makes them Extraordinary, or how many superpowers they are capable of, (like strength, courage, love) they know exactly where to look!

And these toolboxes – some immense creativity, thought, and time was put into them!


As I was scrolling through all of the Mission Submissions, I was completely overwhelmed with happiness. (And, when I feel any emotion strongly – whether it is anger, sadness, or in this case pure happiness – I start to tear up.)  So, you can imagine the full force of joyful emotion that I felt as I saw hundreds upon hundreds of TinySuperheroes with huge smiles on their faces proudly holding up their toolboxes.


While working at TinySuperheroes has brought me to “happiness tears” many times, this case in particular gave me so much hope and excitement. Our Squad goes through countless battles every single day, and these capes bring hope to them, but what many may not realize is how much strength and hope it gives me, indirectly. Just to know that by being part of the TinySuperheroes Crew, that I can bring at least one smile to a kid, especially a superhero, fills my heart. But to see hundreds of these smiles, I felt like my heart was actually going to burst!

To say I am excited for the rest of the Missions to be sent out is an understatement. One of our goals that we have been striving towards is not only to get a cape to every child overcoming disability or illness, but also to fill their cape with patches. By receiving a cape, these kids know that they are super. However, by Unlocking their Superpowers, they remember that they are capable of so much, and that they have a Squad full of people that care, love, and support them throughout their journey.