Thank Goodness for Super Grandmas

“I don’t know what kind of magic is in these capes, but Super Steven won’t put it down. It’s become a security blanket for him already, in just the short time that we’ve had it. 
Here he is snuggled up with his
grandma. So thankful, and so excited to start the missions with everyone.” –Alanna Ippolito 

Whether they are called Nana, Mimi, Yaya, Grammy, Gigi, or something completely different, one thing we know for sure is that Grandmas are amazing.

They don’t only notice all of the accomplishments of their TinySuperhero; they celebrate them!! They bring so much love, they bring joy, and sometimes they even bring cookies!

It is no wonder that our TinySuperheroes and Super Moms see their SuperPowers multiply when they have incredible people like Grandma around!

Thousands of proud grandmas have nominated their TinySuperheroes! We are so thankful to have these wonderful, faithful women as part of our TinySuperheroes community.

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