The Journey

It all starts with a cape.  If our capes do nothing more than bring a smile to a child for a brief moment, it’s worth it. However, TinySuperheroes is so much more than a cape. It is a whole journey, and the cape is just the beginning. 

The TinySuperheroes Journey aims to change the world, and with enough TinySuperheroes on our Squad, we might do just that. We want to change the way the world sees people with disability or illness. We want people to see differences as a superpower, as something to be proud of, because if we were all the same, the world would be a boring place! 

A kid is nominated to be a TinySuperhero for many different reasons. But, each kid is battling a fight that is hard and important. This has caused our Squad to be FILLED with kids of all ages and abilities from across the world. And once they receive their cape, they are an official TinySuperhero Squad member! With the force of thousands of children with unique abilities, thoughts, and experiences on our Squad, immense change is possible. 

Each month, our Squad gathers together (with the help of the internet) to complete a free mission and unlock a superpower. These superpowers are moral qualities to help prepare our Squad for challenges they may face as they navigate the world around them, and the mission always provides a tool as a reminder of this superpower that they are capable of. Some of the superpowers that our TinySuperheroes have unlocked so far include Love, Hope, Mindfulness, Truth, Kindness, and Curiosity. By seeing other kids do the same activity at the same time makes our Squad feel like they aren’t alone in their battles. Our missions have helped combat bullying, increase inclusion, and raise awareness. For each mission completed, we mail a patch to each TinySuperhero’s home for their cape. This builds a sense of accomplishment, and not to mention, it is just plain fun! 

This is all shared through social media. We have a support group, composed of mostly Super Moms, with over 15,000 members. We have had moms from small towns with a TinySuperhero with a rare diagnoses connect through our group. They have felt isolated and alone, and through our community, they have found support, love, and answers. Our community is a powerful entity and growing rapidly every single day.  

One of our favorite things to do is celebrate with our Squad! We have created a Birthday Program to make sure every Squad member feels special on their birthday! (There is even a really cool birthday patch for their cape!) We also like to celebrate important life milestones – like walking for the first time, talking for the first time, and more!

We are there for our TinySuperheroes even as they gain their Angel Wings. Our Angel Squad may be the most sacred, powerful aspect of our Journey. We provide the opportunity to honor, love, and keep alive the memory of our TinySuperheroes who pass away. We have a special patch that we send the families of our TinySuperhero Angels. We remember them on their birthdays. We remember them on the anniversary of their Angel days. They become part of our Angel Squad, and they are a very special group. 

Our Journey doesn’t end there, though. We have many goals. We want to be in hospitals- from the very beginning of the diagnosis, our cape is there. We want to be in schools to help teach about inclusion. We want to be in therapy sessions to provide our Squad with even more tools. We want to have local meet-ups in every state. Just like our Squad, TinySuperheroes is growing and learning every single day, and we are so excited to see what the Journey has in store for us in the future. 

So, what makes TinySuperheroes different than buying a cape for $5 at the local Walmart? Our Squad. Our Community. The Journey. 

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