The Magic of the Cape

Every time a child is given a cape, whether it is flown across the world to Australia or hand-delivered across the street, we strive to make each TinySuperhero’s experience meaningful. We want them to feel empowered. We want them to feel loved. We want them to know that they are not alone; they are on a Squad with thousands of other kids from across the world.

And it works! There is something about the capes that reminds these Extraordinary kids of the magic within them.

“Super Jonathin has to regularly give blood to be tested to make sure his flesh eating bacteria isn’t trying to come back. He cries EVERY time. He cries when we turn down the hallway because he knows where we’re headed. He cries in the waiting room while I beg him not to scare the other kids. He cries when they take him back and I have to hold him down because he freaks out when they do it. It’s an exhausting experience. Today, I put his TinySuperheroes cape on and told him he wouldn’t be scared this time because he was a superhero. He didn’t cry once. Not even one tear.”
-Super Mom Katie Wilson-Perez

“I’m a photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Most photographers will tell you that photographing children is a challenge…. we learn to work around that…. it’s part of the fun…. This weekend I photographed a family that has a son with special needs. This is my second time photographing him and he’s so sweet, but very shy and doesn’t talk to me much. On our shoot Saturday his mom put on his superhero cape that you made him and his service dog and WOW!!! In all my years I have never seen such an instant change in a child. His chin went up, his shoulders went back and he marched himself right up to where he wanted his photo taken.”
-Super Wyatt & Super Sidekick Princess

However, the magic doesn’t stop there.

Sometimes, the magic occurs in the Sidekick Sibling.

For example, Super Anna and her younger sister, Super Sidekick Ava, have been on our Squad for a long time. While Super Anna joined our Angel Squad at 8-years-old due to complications related to a neurodegenerative disorder, PKAN, her family has stayed very involved in our Squad activities.  Anytime we see Super Sidekick Ava at an event, she is wearing her sister’s cape. Her mom explained to us that this was completely her idea. She finds comfort in wearing her sister’s cape. It is a way to remember and honor Super Anna. This is an extremely powerful thing for a child to do.

Others also honor their angels by continuing with the monthly missions; each time is a way for them to celebrate their loved one.

Seriously, we love our Super Sidekicks.

Here is another example. It was National Superhero Day, and we celebrated by having a big party! We invited all of our local TinySuperheroes and their families. Along with many other activities, we had a cape station, where all of our Sidekick Siblings could get a cape if they did not have one yet. Ellen, one of our favorite TinySuperheroes helpers, went  around making sure all of the Sidekicks that wanted capes got one! One boy in particular left a lasting impression. When Ellen asked this older brother if he wanted a cape, he said reluctantly, “No, I am not a superhero…” Ellen, of course, explained to him how incredible and super he really is, and how he deserves a cape too. His whole demeanor immediately changed, he rushed to go ask his mom if it was ok, and wore the cape the rest of the day.

And sometimes the cape’s magic touches the mom instead.

“My son, Kamden, just received his amazing cape this afternoon, and I am just beyond blessed to have him thought of for this. It brought me to tears! He has been wearing it for hours! Thank you for putting a big smile on my son’s face and letting him know he is a superhero!!”
-Super Mom Lindsay McArthur

“Hello! I just wanted to shoot you an email and tell you how beyond appreciative we are for all that you have done. We couldn’t have been luckier to become apart of a squad that is THIS incredible. Everything you stand for, and everything you do is remarkable. We received our package, and when I opened it with Hudson I bawled! It means so much to us and so much to him that you thought of us and sent him this. We loved reading every card, and we loved the drawing as well. We LOVE EVERYTHING. We would love to continue to do what we can to help others as well; if there is anything we can do on top of the missions please let us know!  Thanks so much again I wish I could tell ya 100 times over!!” -Super Hudson and Mommy!

Finally… to be the person to give a TinySuperhero a cape is one of the most magical feelings to experience.

This is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given- the opportunity to deliver a cape in-person, and I am blessed to be able to do this quite often. To see a TinySuperhero’s face light up when they realize that they are a superhero for everything they have been through… to see the smile and realization creep across their face until it turns into full-blown laughter… to see them start to spin and run across the room with confidence and joy… It is one of the best feelings in the whole world.

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