The Super Shriver’s Spina Bifida Event

“Since the beginning of Reghan’s diagnosis on August 16, 2012 we have been blessed by family members, friends, co-workers, childcare parents, church family and our community.  Many individuals helped us during our over 5 week stays in St. Louis between October 23, 2012 and Reghan’s birthday on January 6, 2013. Once we came home after her first surgery, there were families from our church that provided daily meals for us until we headed back to St. Louis to welcome our baby girl into this world. I had a special pen pal from the time we found out about Reghan’s diagnosis who hand-wrote letters to me every week sending me encouraging words.  There have been hundreds of prayers all over the world lifted up on Reghan’s behalf. There have been wonderful organizations that have been there when our plans have not worked out like we had hoped. We have learned over the years there is always a plan B if not more. It truly does take a village to raise a child, especially in our situation, and we are so grateful for those who have been there just when we needed it.

Supre Reghan and Super Ian

Since Reghan turned one we have taken October, which is Spina Bifida Awareness month, of trying to “Pay Kindness Forward” with the help of others.  On Reghan’s first birthday we made care packages and called them “Bear Hug” because sometimes that is exactly what you need in a time where there is no certainty in anything.  We have continued this tradition choosing a different project each year.

TinySuperheroes Headquarters, we cannot thank you enough for letting us team up with you to make our local Stroll, Roll and Play for Spina Bifida one of the most memorable events to date.  The Super Shriver Cubs were able to pull off their secret mission to induct several of our local Spina Bifida Warriors and their Super SideKicks in to the TinySupehero Squad this past Saturday.  What a GREAT morning! We were battling the chances of rain, so this momma was holding her breath the whole morning until our last member was able to be there. 

The parents always enjoy our October Get together so we can talk about how much our kiddos have grown over the last year.  The kids LOVE being together and getting to play at a total inclusive park in our town! Our little group has grown over the years as we have been able to reach out one family at a time. We love meeting our new members of our Spina Bifida community that live in & around the Columbia area.  The following events happened but not necessarily in this order (due to waiting, warming up activities, and trying to hurry before the rain came in…which it did!)

Our main event was very exciting!  We had so much fun gifting our friends their new capes and watching the kids run around for the next half hour playing TinySuperheroes! 

Making our Launch Mission Tiny Superhero Tool Boxes!

Each kiddo had the opportunity to do their Launch Mission and creating their TinySuperhero Toolbox!

The kids worked hard on their October Growth Mindset Poster Mission!

This was our warm up activity (them not knowing it was a TinySuperhero mission) we used “Happy” phrases coloring sheets.  “Oh Happy Day!”, “Choose to Be Happy!”, “Create Your Own Sunshine!”, “There is Always Always Something to be thankful for!”

We love TinySuperheroes because it includes the whole family. It was so exciting when we were able to give a few of our TinySuperheroes friends who have Spina Bifida their capes.”

Thank you so much, Super Shriver family. You guys are truly amazing, and we are so PROUD to have you on our Squad.

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