TinyLetter from Robyn

TinyLetter from Robyn ❤️❤️❤️

If I ever felt confident in my grasp of what is going on with this pandemic, all of that confidence is gone. I’m not sure what the rules are, not sure what the risks really are, not sure if we’re at the beginning, middle of end of the Corona Virus’ impact on real lives.
It seems like staying home is still the safest option, which is increasingly difficult and confusing as counties and cities start opening back up. Everything I read makes me think we are not at a point where we should be opening up, but we’re opening up.
Do we have babysitters? Can my mom come over? If preschool opens, do I send Sheldon? If camps open, do we send the boys? What if we don’t send them but don’t get our money back?
Is our team at TinySuperheroes going to be separated for weeks…months…??? What about the amazing people who volunteer their time to help us, when is it safe to welcome them back?
The ambiguity increases my anxiety exponentially and is all hard to cope with. It feels like the stakes are too high for the decisions that we are all trying to make for ourselves and our families. I wish we were united in our approach so that I could stop second guessing every move I make.
I don’t have any answers.
But two days ago I was cleaning the kitchen (feels like that’s all we do these days) and I looked out the window and there were our three boys, digging in the mud for worms.
***I want to be clear that this same day they had spent approximately 2,304 hours on screens, so if this is making you feel guilty, please do not let it.***
This was just a moment – a very special one – where I knew our extra time at home was something remarkable.
In the midst of the pain and suffering that MILLIONS of people in our country are feeling right now, there are glimpses of hope that in the midst of great anxiety and unknown, we are still ok.

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