TinyNote from Robyn 11.24.19

If you were to simply refer to Facebook to learn about TinySuperheroes, you might be led to think that I do most of the work.

True that I am the one on most of the videos, but far from true that I do most of the work. I hope to give you a good glimpse into that now.

Our crew is amazing. I am blessed to spend everyday with people I love who care as much about each TinySuperhero as I do. It’s quite a unique way to spend the working hours of your life and I hope to never take that for granted.

But our crew extends far beyond the people who are actually on staff at TinySuperheroes.

The best way to give you a taste is to tell you what happened yesterday.

Late in the week we decided to have a “shipping party” on Saturday. It’s our more fun way of saying we need to hunker down, focus and get a large number of capes out in one day.

With minimal notice we filled HQ with over 20 people, generously giving their entire Saturday without hesitation, to help us ship capes.

There were parents, aunts, cousins, friends, roommates, moms of roommates and at least 8 kids running around.

Ellen, Megan, Nancy & Tesse folded tissue paper and made welcome packets. Ben and Dave folded capes. Then Francine, Maggie, Terri, Karli & Ali added a welcome packet, wrapped the cape in tissue and closed it with a sticker. Followed by Terri who placed them into their bags and sealed them. Finally, the bagged capes were passed onto Jason & Kristi who labeled them and handed them to Joe & Tim who did a final count. Simultaneously we had Vern & Caroline making sure everyone had the materials they needed, me running around like an aimless chicken and Dan working on and building more efficient ways to do all of the above.

We were there from at least 9-5 and shipped 1,853 capes! You read that right, we shipped 1,853 capes yesterday!

So while I might be the one talking to you on Facebook Live, THIS is a quick picture of what our crew looks like, and trust me, not everyone was there!

I hope the love that is put into each cape is felt wholly by its recipient who deserves to feel and know that they are Extraordinary.

❤️, Robyn

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