“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no Vision.”Helen Keller

Vision has nothing to do with our eyes. It is driven by our heart and our mind. It is the ability to think about and plan the future with imagination and wisdom.

By using our superpower of Vision, our Squad can see a world where differences are celebrated. If the whole Squad operates like this, we can change the way the world sees disability and illness! 

Braille is a tool that uses touch reading and writing for people who are blind. By creating and feeling raised dots, we can read and write in a different way! Each braille letter is a combination of the 6 dots. 


Your Goal for the Vision Mission:

Decode the secret message from HQ, and then make your own coded message, using braille! 

The Patch you will earn when you complete the Vision Mission:

Follow these 5 steps to complete the Vision Mission and earn your Patch!

1. Download one (or more) of these secret messages from HQ! 

Remember, every superhero needs a sidekick and friends! We encourage parents and siblings to help. Whether your TinySuperhero would just like to feel the braille or actually decode the message, it is all fun! 

2. Decode each braille letter to uncover the secret message! 

Using the braille alphabet below, write the matching letter on the line. 

Use this tool to help you with this mission! 

3. Create braille! 

You can create braille by covering the colored spots on the secret messages! Here are some materials you could use to do this: jewels, cheerios, beads, chocolate chips, buttons, puff paint, M&Ms, Skittles, Legos. Be creative! (You may want to glue them to the paper!) 

4. Cover your eyes and feel the braille! 

This might give you a tiny bit of insight on what it is like to be blind!  You could use a blindfold or just close your eyes.  

Feel up to an extra challenge? Try writing your name in braille! Tap below for the template we made for you. 

5. Take a Video or a Picture!

(Parents, we would LOVE to see a video of your TinySuperhero’s reaction when they feel the braille!) Take pictures while you complete the Mission! Post pictures on Facebook using @TinySuperheroes and #VisionMission and submit one with your Mission! Don’t forget to wear your cape in the pictures/video!   

6. Report to HQ!

Once you have cracked the code and felt some braille, be sure to submit your Mission here.

This mission is no longer free, but you can purchase the patch here: www.tinysuperheroes.com/gift-shop 

Meet Super Cora! 

Super Cora was born in South India and spent the first years of her life with an amazing foster mother who began Cora’s superhero training. When she was 3, a mommy and daddy flew all the way from Mississippi to make her a daughter in their little squad. Cora has a diagnosis of Congenital Glaucoma. High pressures inside her eyes when she was born caused them to look like beautiful opals. The pressure also caused both retinas to detach, and she can only detect very bright light. Most of the time her world is total darkness. Cora has always been the brightest light in the world. Her smile and brave spirit draw people to her. She uses her ears and her long, purple cane to navigate her many adventures. Cora wants you to know that she’s a kid, just like you. The only difference is that she can read in the dark! And she’s a mermaid.

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