Where do the proceeds go?

Your proceeds help fuel our TinySuperheroes as they continuously exude hope in their daily battles. All of the money raised goes towards making sure that we are able to support our TinySuperheroes for the long-haul. The capes are the beginning, and right now only 30% of the campaigns raise any money at all. But we make sure that EVERY TinySuperhero gets a cape. That covers creation of the cape, shipping, the welcome book, and paying the member of our TinyCrew who folds, labels and sends thousands of capes each month.

TinySuperheroes starts with a cape, but the cape is just the beginning of the journey. We provide many free services to help support the members of our community, and your money will go directly towards these programs. Check them out!

Every month, our TinySuperheroes unlock a new superpower by completing a mission. For each mission that is completed, a new patch is earned for their cape, at no cost to the family! With 3,000 Squad members participating each month, your proceeds help us be a positive impact in their lives by being a constant in their mailbox every month!

We want to be there for our TinySuperheroes and their families from the moment they are diagnosed until the very end. When a TinySuperhero gains their wings, they join our Angel Squad. We then provide the family with a patch and a card. Then every year on the anniversary of their death, we send an “angel seed” to the family. These are made by Seeds of Happiness, and they are a way to let the families know that their TinySuperhero is not forgotten. Your proceeds will help us continue to provide support to these families.

We provide a support group for the parents of our TinySuperheroes. There are over 30,000 active members! Our members are excruciatingly open and honest, and we believe this is one of the most powerful programs we offer for our families. Supplies for craft time live, journaling, and constant moderation are just of the few of the many aspects that are required to make this support group possible!


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