“Where is my Cape?”

“Where is my Cape?”

We totally understand why you are asking this question, and we are genuinely happy that you are excited to get your cape!  We try really hard to communicate with you as much as possible, but we know there are gaps, so I wanted to try to fill one of them today!

I’ll start with this – our shipping strategy isn’t perfect. We are actively working on making it better. The big changes we want to make will take time.  One of our high-level goals is to reduce the wait time for capes (TinySuperheroes should not have to wait for their capes!), and that is our main consideration in the decisions we’re making on shipping.

But, that will take time for us to build, so I’m going to tell you how we do our shipping now so that you feel more in tune with us!

When it is time for us to ship your cape (I could write 3 of these posts to answer questions on how we know it is time…but for now, we’re starting here…), here is what happens and who is doing it…

1. Approximately 1 week before we print your shipping label, we send you an email and a text with the opportunity to share your Squad Page again!

We do this because we hear from a lot of folks AFTER they get their cape that they were hoping to raise enough to get their cape personalized.  When this happens after we have already shipped it, it creates a lot more work and more costs, so we want to make sure that anyone who is hoping to have their cape personalized has enough notice and time to do so before we ship.

2. Robyn does some double checking to make sure we have your address, size and color correct, and then Robyn prints your shipping label at HQ.  You get notified that your shipping label has printed, but it has not shipped yet.

3. Someone from our TinyCrew takes the labels and drives in their car over to Project Inc. We’re about 10 miles away from each other.

Project Inc is an organization that we partner with for shipping.  For over 60 years, Project, Inc. has transformed the lives of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the St. Louis area.

4. Our friends at Project Inc. package your cape, put your shipping label onto the package and give it to USPS.

Depending on how many labels we give Project Inc at one time, your cape will be given to USPS from Project Inc. within 1 – 7 days.  

5. When USPS scans your package for the first time, you will get an email with the tracking number and your cape is officially on its way!

We know this takes longer than Amazon Prime, and it even takes longer than we want it to, but using this process, we have sent over 20,000 capes to Extraordinary kids in 2019 alone, and we greatly appreciate your patience and support!

PS – there is one way to hack our system. When a TinySuperhero’s Squad Page hits the personalization goal of $120, our seamstress Terri steps in and works her magic quite quickly. We ship those capes directly from HQ!

If you ever have questions about where your cape is, we’d love to hear from you at Capes@TinySuperheroes.com

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