Why Every Patch Can’t Be Free Forever

First off,  I want to express how grateful we are that you believe in our Patches Program, and we are so happy that you enjoy it so much that you want more! That warms our hearts.

Trust me, we wish we could send every single TinySuperhero a specialty patch for free. They deserve it! We also wish we could keep the past missions open forever for free. 

This is just not feasible right now, and please let me explain why. 

Robyn draws every single patch! (Isn’t that cool?) And we all know she is a VERY busy person running TinySuperheroes – making sure the 200 kids nominated every single day get their cape – and still raising three young boys! But these patches cost money. It takes time for them to arrive at HQ. Also, each one comes with a card designed to match that patch. Each patch is packeted with iron-on instructions and sealed in a tiny plastic bag. Then, the card and patch are packaged together and put into an envelope by our friends at Project Inc!  Then, there is the cost of postage! With over 40,000 kids on our Squad, and thousands of kids participating in the Patches Program, this takes LOTS of (wo)man-power and a good handful of moolah! We do this every single month for free for our TinySuperheroes, and we are SO happy that we do. 

Seeing the happy faces and the amazing accomplishments is beyond worth it every single time.

So, we know that the specialty patches such as the surgery patch, diagnoses patches, official member patch, etc., are very powerful and so cool, so we want to make them available to you! But our  TinyCrew can’t afford to make them free. These specialty patches help to fund the monthly missions! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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