Why TinySuperheroes wouldn’t exist without Joe.

Here are 10 fun facts about why TinySuperheroes would not exist without TinyCrew member, Joe.

(For reference: Robyn, the founder of TSH, is Joe’s wife.)


1.) Joe bought Robyn the very first TSH sewing machine.

2.) It was Joe’s nephew who inspired Robyn to make the very first cape.

3.) The very first TinySuperhero ever, Super Brenna, was introduced because of… JOE!

4.) Joe supported Robyn quitting her job to pursue TSH.

5.) Joe has HR experience – Turns out there are rules when you run a business.

6.) Thanks to Joe, TinySuperheroes receive their capes after one week instead of after six months.

7.) Joe makes sure the employees get paid. (So, really the only reason we stick around is because of Joe. Wink. 😉)

8.) Without Joe, doors at HQ would never be locked, good coffee wouldn’t be available, and meetings wouldn’t be organized.

9.) TSH Journaling only happens because Joe battles putting three little kids to bed.

10.) Without Joe, thousands of laughs at HQ would never have happened.


So, if you ever see Joe, give him some love because he deserves it! ❤️🤙

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