Worth the Wait

We know waiting for a cape can feel like FOREVER, especially when we are used to speedy quick Amazon-like service. It makes it even harder to wait for something that we are SO excited to receive in the mail.  While we wish we had drones (with a cape on the back) that could do same-day delivery to your front door… We aren’t quite there yet!

But I promise, your cape is worth the wait. 

“Our cape was definitely worth waiting for. Our son feels so brave with his cape. He has found a better understanding of who he is and how he can change the world. His confidence has more than doubled, and now he tries to teach others about kids his powers…..” -Super Mom Tae Keller

“Waiting for my TSH’s cape was so worth the wait because once it arrived, she was so excited! It’s kind of like waiting for Christmas for them. When they open the package with their cape and see what’s inside, the squeals of joy, the huge smile, and the gleaming in their eyes from the sheer joy they feel makes it so worth it!! 💓💓💓💓” -Super Mom Brandu Haislip

Our TinyCrew works hard to make sure that these capes are made, packaged and sent with care and love, so this is one reason it may take a little longer than other products that you receive. 

We also have hundreds of kids waiting to be sponsored, and while we work very hard to find sponsors, the list is long and always growing. But that is powerful because that means our Squad is becoming larger! In order to change the way the world sees disability and illness, we need man-power! 

“To be honest, the cape is just a small part. Having a place to belong is what makes this so special. TSH is so much more than the cape. Get plugged in! Join your TinySquad if available. Do the missions! And over everything else, say thank you to the volunteers/workers who are so committed to you and your children. Thank you, Robyn and the entire team for ALL you do ❤️” -Super Mom Rachel Rucker

“The cape is completely worth the wait. Since we received the cape in the mail I immediately brought it to my child in the ICU. I hung it from the end of his crib to remind all doctors and anyone who passed his room that he is a fighter and a superhero. It was also an amazing reminder for me as well for when I would walk into his hospital room. It has a way of bringing so much joy and comfort in hard situations. After a 9 month hospitalization, a heart transplant, grade 4 brain bleed. My Jett flew out of the hospital with his cape on and proud to be a complete and powerful tiny superhero. 💚♻️😍” -Super Mom Suzi Leahy

While you wait, there is plenty to do! It is so much more than a cape.

Start your first mission and earn a free patch for your cape!

Join our Facebook Group and find support from families like yours.

Get involved in your TinySquad to meet other TinySuperheroes in your state! (Coming soon! TinySquad landing page.)

“Super Lucas’s cape was not only worth the wait, but has been invaluable in terms of helping him build both self confidence & self esteem. The cards that come with the patches have shown him that there are other kids out there like him, and he’s even become pen pals/Instagram buddies with the superhero who inspired the kindness mission.” -Super Mom Katelynn Graham 

We thank you for your patience, and we are SO excited for your TinySuperhero to receive their cape and join our Squad!

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