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Super Luke

Luke's journey began under the most delicate circumstances, yet even in the face of overwhelming challenges, his life story is one of hope. Diagnosed with multiple severe conditions early in life, including stroke in utero and Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Luke’s courage and determination were apparent from the start.

It was in the early days of his NICU stay that Luke's parents first realized something was amiss—his head was enlarging unusually, leading to a series of urgent medical actions, including life flights and critical surgeries. These earliest days set the tone for what would become a life filled with both immense challenges and profound victories.

Before he was 6 months old, Luke underwent three significant brain surgeries, each followed by daunting recoveries and unexpected complications. Despite these hurdles, Luke's ability to greet each day with a smile never waned. His undeniable resilience in the face of these immense trials has not only inspired his family but also all who learn of his story.

Luke's daily life involves navigating a world not built for him. Feeding, moving, and even simple interactions require careful attention due to his severe disabilities. Despite these challenges, Luke engages with life's moments with a joy that is both rare and invigorating. His condition necessitates full-time support, yet his spirit remains fiercely independent.

Amidst his health struggles, Luke's relationships with his brothers, Jett and Cade, shine as examples of unconditional love and mutual support. They are his champions and guardians, sensitive to the unique dynamics of their family's life. Their home resonates with the sounds of medical machines, yet it is also filled with laughter and the noise of typical childhood play, a gift from their parents who are dedicated to maintaining normalcy and joy.

As Luke grows and soon transitions to using a wheelchair, his family prepares for the shifts in public perception. They advocate fiercely for his right to be seen as the joyful, loving child he is, deserving of the same respect and kindness afforded to any other child. We are honored to have Luke on our Squad, leading us in the Mission to change the way the world views disabilities.

Looking ahead, Luke is set to undergo another significant brain surgery aimed at better controlling his seizures. Each surgery, appointment, and therapy session is a step towards potential improvement, a chance for Luke to enjoy a fuller life.

What truly sets Luke apart is not just his medical history or the visibility of his challenges but his remarkable ability to affect those around him positively. His presence has transformed his family, teaching them the invaluable lessons of patience, resilience, and the joy of life’s simplest moments. Luke embodies the spirit of a TinySuperhero whose light refuses to be dimmed by adversity. Our Squad and the world is lucky to have Super Luke guiding us with his trademark smile! You can follow Super Luke's incredible journey with his mom at

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